The Summer Lo-down

This page is for all the ex-pats and other lovers of Ithaca who come back to visit regularly and have become  part of Ithacas 'Summer' furniture. 

Who's here, who's doing what, who got too drunk to remember last night...

Who's Here


Who's Doing What    Around The Villages     Nightlife     Dispelling The Gossip

   Summer Lodown        Who's Here   

Who's Doing What    Around The Villages     Nightlife     Dispelling The Gossip

   Summer Lodown        Who's Here   

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1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10  11


Fontis (left) is on a 4 day whirlwind visit to Ithaca visiting his friend Bemeni in Kioni and squeezing in as many hours on the beaches and in the bars as he can get. We wish we could squeeze a concert out of him. Fontis is a contemporary violinist who writes some haunting great songs. He is currently playing in a 10 piece band.

July 11th - Costa Kamakamis just stepped off the boat, ready to discover Ithaca as an adult. The last time he was here, he was only 9 years old. He's staying at his family home in Lahos until after the Stavros Panighiri and then he's off to Crete to meet some friends. While he's here, Costa hopes to challenge a few locals at Tavli. First stop, Bemenis. He soon made friends with our resident juggler, Paul, talking over English soccer plays before his cousin Jessica introduced him around.


Alberto Rosello and Juan Zaforetsa are here from Majorca. The last of the generation that experienced this Spanish island at it's absolute peak of infamy. They knew Errol Flynn, Drank at Joes Bar, listened to music at Tetos and congregated with the rich and famous in El Patio and Plathia Gomilla. We caught them at Spavento Bar in Kioni dancing away the afternoon to old tunes of the 50's while they lubricated their sweet voices with nectar from the top shelves. These two are going to make for alot of fun while they're here. Maybe we'll experience Juans expertise on his Spanish guitar too.


Rena and her daughter Margarita are on Ithaca for 3 weeks, staying at their family home in Kolieri. They leave for Melbourne next Tuesday when Margarita starts her second semester Arts course at Monash University. Margarita below hanging out with Costa Kamakamis in Kioni.

July 16th - Angela and her daughter Cassandra, daughter and granddaughter of Stathis Raftopoulos the Poet, have just arrived in Kolieri to visit with relatives.


Poppy and Jerome are back in Exoghi for their yearly Summer stay on the island. Jerome works at Rementzo during August.


Angelina from Melbourne, couldn't wait to get back to her beloved Ithaca. She's here for Summer following her heart. She's been keeping up with life on the island through this web site.


July 18th - L-R Angela, Andrew, Costas,Mark, Liz and Sylvia. Angela Raftopoulos brought some of her Brisbane (Australia) friends, living in London, to her ancestral isle. We caught them on their last night having dinner at Penelopes in Frikes.