What's happening around the Greek Island of Ithaca during the 2006 Summer. Get all the Lodown.
Around The Villages 2006
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Right - View down onto Vathy Bay from the mountain village of Perahori. It looks so ideal with the boats in the harbour as the afternoon sun begins to move lower across the island, just before sunset.
Wed 23 Aug - Left - Dexa Beach, just outside of Vathy, is certainly one of South Ithacas favourite swimming spots. Shady olive trees nestled around the shoreline...and a great Cantina too. Late August, you can find a corner just for yourself again.
Sunset over Middle Ithaca
Above Right - Exoghi village taken from the far side of Stavros about 6 km away. Yes folks, I have a new camera, this is the first photo taken with it and the zoom is super. Anyway, it's a fine, sunny day with a refreshing breeze and nothing but clear blue horizons. Ithaca has survived another intense heat wave and gets to take a breath before the next predicted hot spell in a couple of days.
Minoan Lines Ferry passes Frikes on its' way to Italy.
Back street in VAthy
How about a Day trip from Vathy to Gidaki or Afales
Below - The night lights of Vathy
Above - Around 9pm in Vathy Square
Fri 25 Aug - Below Left - In Spring, the Almond blossoms on the tree and in August, the fruit of that blossom is ready for picking. Yes, I know, almonds are not fruit, nevertheless, they do go very well with fruit and some Greek yogurt, after a little roasting in the oven. In stark contrast to the Aegean islands, Ithaca is still quite green and lush, even under the heat wave days the island has had on and off since June. The past days have been very pleasant with hot days and cool(ish) nights. There are still many people around, even though the numbers did drop just a little after the Platrithia Panighiri.
The valleys and hills of northern Ithaki
People Watching - A Summer Condition
Exhaustion - The August Condition
The other August Condition
Sat 26 Aug - August is nearly over and there may be just a few on the island that think it's about time. There are sore feet, sore heads, and sore just about everything, after a full on month of working hard, partying hard and holidaying hard. A more relaxed night in Frikes last night, had some people putting up their feet and wishing for October.
Around the Villages Summer 2006
Below - A sky surprise this morning with black and heavy clouds over the island extending from the mainland. It looks like rain, but then again, when the sun pierces through, it could also be another hot day. At 9.50am, it's a bit hard to tell just how the weather will evolve.
Ithaca Close Up
Sun 27 Aug - It's not only the beautiful views that make up Ithaki, but also the natural and earthy textures of the island.
Above - Freaky Frikes
Above Right - When the wind picks up, the restaurant plastics come down. As we near the end of August, the sun begins to set earlier and the tension is beginning to relax, not only in the streets, but on the faces of the working locals. The din of traffic is again replaced by goat bells, rooster crows and the occasional barking dog, and the Italian tourists leave and the English return. The temperture too, returns to a more comfortable low 30s, and the August horizon, previously hidden by the Summer heat mist, slowly clears to reveal the neighbouring islands and the mainland, not so far in the distance. Ithaca has many personalities, but its' Summer personality is by far the most extreme. The island is barely recognizable. The population increase alone, changes the dynamics quite radically. Still, August is alot of fun for some and the opportunity to cash up and survive another year on the island, for others. Visitors to the island have enjoyed the beaches and the sun, great Greek kitchen and friendly locals, always taking the opportunity to make a new friend. One thing is for sure. Each year Ithaki captures the heart of many visitors, who then love the island as much as the locals.
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