Find out what's happening around the villages of Ithaki. From Vathy to Kioni, Platrithia to Anoghi. 2006
Around The Villages 2006
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Mon 28 Aug - In the park just behind the village Square of Stavros, you'll find the only bust of Odysseas (Ulysses) on Ithaca. It proudly takes its' place under the shade of some old-age trees and over looks the Bay of Polis below. Opposite the park stands Sotiros Church, the heart of the Orthodox Stavros, where the bells toll, not only on the hour and each half hour to let the village know the time of day, but for Holy Days, weddings and funerals. Locals gather at the Cafenion on the corner and at Soris Creperie opposite, to pass the hours with some good company, while all the time, keeping a watchful eye on the goings on around the village.
Above Left - Potatoes get peeled for Fatouras Tavernas' lunchtime and dinner trade, and (Above Right) Yianni, taxi driver for many a visitor to Ithaki, and owner of Yiannis' Taverna in Stavros, sets the till right before luncheon begins. Below Left - At 10am on a Sunday morning, the empty restaurant chairs beckon to be sat on, but it's too early for lunch, and Sunday breakfast is had in bed, now that the High Season is coming to an end. The rush of Summer turns into a relaxed step towards Autumn.
Tue 29 Aug - Below - Dexa Beach near Vathy

Yesterday, the day cleared to a beautiful crisp viewed day after heavy rain and thunderstorms overnight. 'Weather made for tourism'. The rain and wind cleared and cleaned the atmosphere that had been hanging thick over the island after weeks of mid to high 30 temps and cleared again before breakfast. During the day, the wind was coolish, but sun was still very hot. No need to miss out on a beach day.

On a clear day, where better to sit for a coffee, than at Chani (Hani) Cafe, where views were clear on both sides of the island.
Chani Cafe and Restaurant, since opening earlier this year, have attracted not only the tourists, but also the locals. Everyone can enjoy the views down to Vathy bay and across to Cephalonia. The owners of Chani have made the once stone ruin, into a beautiful dwelling, but also a great place to spend some time. By all reports, the coffee is great.
Wed 30 Aug - Dark clouds steadily gathered over Ithaki all day, but although everyone predicted rain before sundown, the night remained quite mild, and not a drop of rain fell on anyones' parade. The more the dark clouds rolled in, the more yachts rolled into Ithakis' harbours, taking cover from bad weather seas.
Above - Around Frikes Bay
Thu 31 Aug - Above - View down to Frikes bay with Attikos island in the distance. Strange days these past days with cloud cover and sunshine confusing everyone as to how the days will end. So far no rain, but the weather bureau says it's on its way.
Fri 1 Sep - A clearer, but cooler day yesterday around the island. The wind was really blowing through Vathy, but north it was quite still. By the time the sun was getting ready to set, it was quite chilly. The change seemed a bit sudden after weeks of heatwave conditions.
Left - Ship heading through the Cephalonia Strait on a 'quarter moon' night in the Ionian. For many people who come to Greece, there is nothing better than to sail around the calm seas of the Eptanisa, touching shore only to eat and get supplies...oh, and the occasional shower. This year Ithaca has seen its share of Flotillas and large yachts docking in the ports around the island. Some record dockings in Vathy and Kioni. With the start of September and cooler temps, it won't be long before all traces of Summer disappear with the restaurant canopes which will soon be packed safely away until next season. At this time of year, there's a little relief and a little sadness mixing up the emotions.
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