What's happening around the Greek Island of Ithaca during the 2006 Summer. Get all the Lodown.
Around The Villages 2006
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Below - The Superfast ferry passes Frikes bay with the last ray of sunshine before it disappears behind the horizon.
Sat 2 Sep - Windy days, clearer views and cooler nights. Left - Mavrona Beach below Raxi. Above - Ag. Sarantas corner shop and local dog.
Sun 3 Sep - A Wedding at Lazaretto yesterday.

Vathy is colourful at the best of times, especially on a crisp and clear day, but late yesterday afternoon, the bayside was made even brighter with a Wedding party awaiting a small boat to take them across to Lazaretto isle for the Ceremony.

Above - Platrithia. Green Ithaki. It's hard to believe that only a week ago the island was brimming with people. Now there are more goats.
Wed 6 Sep - The island may be a little quieter now, but with weather heating up again, Summer is far from over. Click here for a day on Ithaki.
Thu 7 Sep - Below - Chez Manu 69 Street Party last night in Vathy. For lots of pics click here or on Photograph below. Great night, lots of dancing, lots of fun.
Below - The Kathara Panighiri Feast was on last night. Click here or on photograph below. There is always a special feeling at Kathara.
Fri 8 Sep - Above - The Arsenis family, son Yianni with parents Spyros and Desi. Yianni has big plans for the Spyros Arsenis website with live music performances soon to be available from their site. With recent finds at Homers School, it may also be worth looking at their comprehensive Archeological pages. Spyros is president of the Homeric Society of Ithaca and is sure to be privy to the finds long before the rest of us. www.arsenis.info
Sat 9 Sep - Below - Planes flew high all day yesterday jet-streaming the sky until the clear sky turned cloudy. Very weird!
Photograph compliments of Denis Sikiotis
Above - At the far south end of Ithaki, after the road ends and a path leads you through a rugged landscape, you'll find Spiliotissa Chapel tucked away inside a rock face.
Red moon rising over the Ionian last night.
Mon 11 Sep - Local Frikes boys ham it up for the camera. Left - Aggelos Mavrokefalos, contruction worker extraordinaire, taking his dog for a walk after a long day on the job, and Right - Oz from Kiki Mini Market and Showers. Now he's got the nose for a good deal. Ask anyone.
Locals let down their hair now that the Summer rush is over
Above - Vathy. Although the northern villages have quietened down, Ithakis Capital Vathy, still has spurts of great activity. Dysseas Cafenion, one of the favourite local hangouts, is busy all through the year, catering for the morning coffees, card games and a place to sit when the sun comes out, even in winter.
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