From Vathy to Kioni, around the villages of Ithaca during Summer 2006
Around The Villages 2006
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Wed 13 Sep - Frikes bay was buzzing with activity with many, many yachts docked in the small port village. The yachties gathered on the pier for a group picnic watching the big ferries pass on their way to Patras.
Above Left - Driving from Stavros to Anoghi, Stavros, Platrithia and Exoghi sparkle below as night falls earlier on Ithaki. The sun now sets around 8.30pm. Above Right - From Hani (Chani) a red glow radiating from the shoreline of Cephalonia opposite, pierces through the blackness of night. Seems like a yacht group may have decided to light a bonfire on the beach.
Left - Now we know where all the bayside cats have disappeared to. "Puss puss"
Fri 15 Sep - Below - More strange trails in the sky over Ithaki and Cephalonia. The one heading in the direction of the moon is particularly interesting as the setting sun illuminates it in the sky. The trails widen, but don't disappear.
Above - Parking in Lefki is made even more difficult by parking restrictions.
Above - Niko Karantzis gets onto his red V to go to work. Mylos Creperie in Vathy waits for him to put the key in the door to start off the night on the far side of the bay.
Above - Vathy on a day in September. Click here or on photograph above for more pics from the streets of Ithakis' Capital, Vathy.
Sun 17 Sep - Below Left - A glimpse of the approaching winter with dark skies and drizzle today. The only thing missing is the cold. The temp is quite mild, even a little sticky. Visitors arriving today will be welcomed by a grey day.
Below - Football fever takes over the small bar in Kioni, Spavento as Brits and Greeks battle over which game will be viewed on the Bar Tele.
Mon 18 Sep - Above - The waves begin to build as the sun prepares to go down over Kioni. The end of a rainy and grey day.
Right - Yesterday all the Sophias of Greece celebrated their Name Day. Hronia Polla to all. Sophia came down the mountain from Anoghi to celebrate her day with friends at Yefuri restaurant in Platrithia.
Wed 20 Sep - The southern views are something to behold on a temperamental weather day. Sunshine, heavy dark skies, rain, storm and more. Just outside of Vathy around Dexa, the seas are calm while the skies rage and clear continuously throughout the day. These September days, the Season change is very evident.
Above - Karamela Cafe across from the ferry port is a great place to watch the boats in the bay while you wait for your ship to come in or while you dream of that yacht you'll own one day.
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