Ithakis 'Who's Who' take front row seats. Madonnapoulou, Red Hot Chilli Papas, Elvis Preveza,  Rolling Stifadas, Black Sabbato, Ice Frappe, PJ Halva, Nick Cavias, Con the Fruiterer, Stone Rosaries Brad Pita  and others

The Chappries

Mylos Creperie, Vathy Ithaca

Friday 4th March 2005

Introducing…. the audience

Ithaca greece. Entertainment on the Greek island of Ithaca, Ithaki.  Vathy town pumps out Rock 'n' Roll

Brought to you by hOME ithaca greece

Close window to exit

Great anticipation as the crowd waits for the Chappries to head on stage.  Time for another Choc Banana Crepe.

Stavros the bassplayer is continuously shadowed by the paparazzi.  He's so popular, he just can't shake off that guy with the camera.  Guest artist 'Vageli' plays it cool.

Introducing…. the band

Introducing…. the singer/guitarist

"Oh what a wonderful waaaaaaaaah                   aw"

Introducing…. the bassplayer



Introducing…. the drummer



Brought to you by hOME ithaca greece

Close window to exit

"Do you want more?….I said do you want more?  Hey you at the back...Pay attention!  Do you want more?

"Get that camera out of my face man"

"Stop following me around!"

"I want my life back"

"Use F2 and keep that singer out of my shot"

Introducing… Special Guest--Vagelis

"I can't get no satisfaction"

Black kick drum

Red kick drum


That's different





Yeah baby

All the way from the Nursery

Hiding from the Vathy Paparazzi

All the way from Ireland

All the way from school

Vathy paparazzi reveals his armoury