Ithaca greece.  Vathy Carnival 2005 on the Greek Island of Ithaca, Ithaki.

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Clean Monday - Kite flying tradition

Monday 14th March 2005

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Clean Monday denotes the begiining of the end of red meat leading up to Easter, but  it's also the day Ithacans from north and south head up to the mountain village of Anoghi to fly kites and picnic on the mountain. For those too tired to pack their own picnic lunch, the community lays on a veritable feast for all who make it up there to take part in this tradition. Let's fly a kite.

It's a rare occasion that sleepy and isolated Anoghi sees this much traffic in the course of a day.  Busses, and cars wind down the narrow road that leads through the village.

Great views as everyone walks up to the top of the mountain above the village.  Old ruins from the days Anoghi had a large population, dot the hillsides.

No prize for flying your kite the highest, but plenty of applause as the gentle breezes pick up the colourful kites to fly them into the clouds of  Ithakis blue sky.







It's days like these the world would envy Ithaca






Good food, good conversations, kite flying and getting the opportunity to be young at heart for another day on Ithaki

Dancing in the streets

A sunny and warm day.  A great time for all the family

Today Spring really was in the air. Warmer temperatures, friendly faces, good cheer and I get to meet someone who's heard of Paul Kelly, gets active and likes this website.

"I feel good ...da da da da da da da "



to all

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They come from Kioni

They come from Stavros

They come from Australia and Athens