Easter on Ithaca

Good Friday, The Resurection and Easter Sunday 2005

Ithaca greece. Easter on Ithaki.  Greek island

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Good Friday

Friday 29th April

Everyone was asking the same question this year. "Do you think there are more people around?" The answer is yes. The Judas Burning and cross carrying ritual  was particularly popular in Kioni where the procession was as long as the distance between Spavento and the Pier. There was good cheer and solemn religious fervour and the opportunity for families to reunite. For the religious significance click here 

After the Ceremonies, it was off to eat, drink and dance the night away around the restaurants and Bars of Ithaca.

Bemenis is Frikes

Niko and Panos help out through the Easter rush. Looks like hard work.

Friday 29th April


Bemeni the fishing Bar Owner

Burning Judas

Fireworks on the Pier

Ag. Illias Church in Kioni

Kioni Bell Tower

The Resurrection

Kioni--Saturday 30th April

Thank you to Rien Post for sending in the photos below from

Anastasis (The Resurrection),  Stavros

Villages all over Ithaca lit Candles for Anastasis (Resurrection of Christ). The streets were aglow with candle light from Kioni to Vathy. Church Services finished at midnight and then it was home or to a restaurant to eat the traditional Magiritsa Soup, made with entails.

A cross made by the flame of the candle  above the front door, blesses the home for another year.

Fireworks in Stavros

Firecrackers and rescue flares exploded around Ithaki

Spavento Bar as usual is the halfway house between church and home

Easter Sunday

May 1st 2005

We take a look around the northern island  for celebrations family style.


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