Easter on Ithaca

Good Friday, The Resurection and Easter Sunday 2005

Ithaca greece. Easter on Ithaki.  Greek island

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In the spirit of Easter, Northern Ithaki opened it's heart and it's doors for a peek into Family Celebrations on Greek Easter Sunday.

Kouraii Family from Kioni

Katopodi and Moraiti Families

We're late, but on the way now

Karantzis Family, Kioni

All week the weather has been fantastic.  Warm, lots of sunshine and today, no wind.  Just what you need when there's  lamb and pork turning on the Spit. There was a Feast in the making at every house from Kioni to Vathy. Great aromas and great sounds coming from backyards and living rooms, and an increase in 'the sounds of children' with the recent baby boom on the island.

Sobola Family, Pilikata

While everyone wakes up or returns from errands, Evie Sobola gets a little quiet time in her gorgeous gardens. The meat is on the Spit and the flowers are blossoming.  A little paradise in one of the ancient spots of Northern Ithaca.

The Alimantiri Family plus a cast of 1000's

Margarita Café in Stavros  fills the gap

Everythings' ready. Oh No! Burned the baby food.

Kokoretsi time

Vasilopoulos Family, Stavros

Enough to feed at least 22

Before lunch, it's time for visitors and visiting.  It's time for a Meze of Kokoretsi, liver or other bits of the internal body that may have a vegetarian turning green, but has a Greek licking his lips. A kiss on each cheek, Hronia Polla, a drink here, a drink there, a little snack, another snack,  and it's off to another relative or friend for the same, before it's home to a lunch fit for a King. Some locals run between home and business, trying to give the tourists a little attention when so much of the focus is on family today.

Oz from Ag. Sarantas

The Prosolaini Family, Lahos

Happy Easter  -  Hronia Polla to all

The Vlassopoulos Family, Lahos

After lunch it's out into the streets

Jenny from Spavento is back at work after time out for pregnancy and giving birth to her twin boys.  Her smiling and cheery disposition was much missed over the past year. Welcome back.

Easter Sunday

After a week of one church service after another, the Stavros Papas takes a well earned coffee break before lunch.