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hOME ithaca greece

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hOME ithaca greece


in Frikes

Thursday January 6th 2005

It's been quite a few months since the bayside village of Frikes has seen this much activity during the space of a morning, but the Epiphany, with its' great and earnest religious significance to the Ithacan community, succeeded in uniting the people of northern Ithaki in the chilliest village on the island during the winter.  A brilliantly sunny and mild day, especially delighted the young men who were vying to retrieve the cross from Frikes cool bay.

As the church service finishes, the community begins to make its' way towards the pier.

There are faces from all over Northern Ithaki, even from Kioni where the Epiphany was celebrated less than 1 hour before. This religious ritual is one of many adored by the island community, a community which takes its' religion and politics very seriously.

Gerasimos and Yiannis get ready to dive into Frikes Bay as they vie for the retrieval

Gerasimos, professional lifesaver, is the first to reach the cross, but both these lads are rewarded with applause for having braved the waters.

Donations are made to the church and

holy water is given out to the community before the

Ithaki congregation disperses to return to warmth of their homes.