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hOME ithaca greece

From Ithaca to Pelion

April 2005

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hOME ithaca greece

Heading up the mountain

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The first striking scene you see as you head up Pelion is that of Volos spreading out below with mountains and vast skies in the distance. It's best to keep your eyes on the road.  If you want to look, stop the car. It's a busy road with many tourist laden buses going up and down, edging cars and pedestrians off the road as they attempt hairpin bends and narrow straights.

As you wind your way up higher and further into the Pelion region, villages grasp the cliff and hillsides and unique Pelion architecture with cobble stone roads and paths, colour your view at every turn. If you're not into skiing, then Spring is a great time to see Pelion. Flowers in bloom, green hills and a great time for walks and cycling. 

Paths, lined with wild flowers, lead up through the forested hills, fresh mountain springs and streams trickling under shady willows, ragged cliffs and lush green slopes open up around the bend,  barren, rocky mountain tops, orchards and olives groves falling down to the sea, almonds, chestnut, apple trees, crisp blue waters and sandy beaches,  ancient sites, chalets in the snow, old churches and the prettiest 'road kill' monuments in Greece. Pelion has a bit of everything. Picture postcard perfect.


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