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hOME ithaca greece

From Ithaca to Pelion

April 2005

Before we head off on our journey to the mythologically rich area of Pelion, the land of the Centaurs, with its' green valleys and ragged cliffs that descend down to the Aegean sea in the east and the Pagasitikos Gulf in the west, we have a quick stop in Athens and make like tourists.

In all the years I've been coming to Greece it has been to my embarrassment that I have never reached the Acropolis.  I took the shame into my hands and headed up through the Plaka to finally make the journey all others have made before me. I stood at the gates, looked up at the hordes of day trippers and decided that, why break the 24 year old habit now.  I took a photo of the photo on the gate, turned my back and headed towards the rock instead.  I've managed to avoid the lure of this awesome reminder of greatness once again. Shame shame shame.

The hills around the Acropolis give way to some amazing views across the city.  Inside the gardens under the Acropolis, you barely know you are in Athens

It's not too long before you reminded that the busy city of Athens with all its' out of work artists is just below the tranquillity of the mountain.

A lonely busker at the end of Ermou Street in the Plaka just after midday.  He looked like he could sing, but no one could hear him.  Too shy to project I guess.

Athens   5 hours to Volos  Heading up the mountain   Pelion Architecture   Churches   Pelion Coast   Trikeri to Keramidi   Tourist Heaven   Still want more? 

People either love Athens or hate it.  No matter which way you prefer to see this city, the Markets are always fun

Ok, let's not just talk about it.  It's time to get in the car and head off to Pelion

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hOME ithaca greece