The Pelion region is marked with many archaeological sites.  Sunday, entry is free around the country, so there's no reason not to check them out.  At Dimini, only about 20 minutes by car from Volos on the western bay, the small Neolithic settlement there has reaped many ancient rewards, now shown in the museum in Volos.  What remains at the site, is a big tomb and a little insight into community housing arrangements which inspires thoughts related to that period in time. At Dimini you are supplied with an interactive telephone.  Press 1, 2, 3 etc and hear the history. Battery operated tour guide.

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hOME ithaca greece

From Ithaca to Pelion

April 2005

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hOME ithaca greece

On the north edge of Pelion

Kerasia bus stop



Took the wrong turn, now heading towards north/west Thessaly. Oops

Gravel mound lining the plateau at the western outer edge of Pelion. The beginning of another huge freeway.

Almond and fruit trees cover many of the valleys around Pelilon

Mountain springs flow down through all the villages of Pelion.  The sound of water trickling through rocks and along roadsides is the reason this areas so lush and green.

Pine forests

Green hills

Rain in the distance

Dimini Tomb

Dirt in the sky

Another holiday over, but before its' back to the hard grind of Ithaki (Ooh Aah) there's a stop at Lamia, a College town about 2 hours north of Athens.  A drive up to the Castro and what  do we see?  Ithacans, Pano Andrianatos from Platrithia and Jessica Bell, enjoying the dusty view down onto Lamia town. The dust suffocated the skies all over Greece that day and had visibility very low on the fast roads to Athens. That's it for another year.  May head up north to Greek Macedonia, thessalonica or maybe Turkey 2006, but for now it's back to Ithaki.

A coffee in the Lamia Plateia during the Lamia Rally.

Athens   5 hours to Volos  Heading up the mountain   Pelion Architecture   Churches   Pelion Coast   Trikeri to Keramidi   Tourist Heaven   Still want more? 

That's me making a pig of myself.