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hOME ithaca greece

From Ithaca to Pelion

April 2005

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hOME ithaca greece

Before the beauty there is ugliness with the blip in the landscape between Volos and Agria in the form of the Cement Works. The company has excavated from mountain to sea and has dusted up the green coast, making everything grey.

The Pelion Coast

The Pelion coast is spotted with many small inlets and bays with some pebble and some sandy beaches.  The further from Volos, the more arid the landscape as you head towards Trikeri Bay. The village of Trikeri on the mountain overlooking the bay is worth a trip to if you're interested in seeing an authentic village, rarely touched by tourism.  Beware the locals are a little strange towards strangers, but they don't bite and if you're lucky you may even get one of them to smile.

For a quick look around Trikeri to Keramidi, click here

If you're staying in Pelion, make sure your hotel offers coffee. On week days in the mountain villages of Pelion you're hard pressed to find an Espresso during the morning or early afternoon unless you're around the coastal areas which seem to cater for the tourist 'passer by'.  Seems Pelions are either working too hard or prefer being at home to being out in the village square, drinking coffee.

Ag. Ioannis beach

Ag. Ioannis town centre.

Trikeri Bay

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