Happy New Year


Spavento Bar in Kioni

Hello Katrina

Uli had such a good last year, she came back this year for some more fun

Yiorgos from Spavento didn't disappoint the northern island community, it was New Years Eve as usual, even though his thoughts were at home with his wife Jenny and his twin sons.

Latin, reggae, Nancy Sinatra and of course Abba were laid on as the musical feast and it didn't take long before dancing queens, kings and kongs hit the marble.

Costa and Asimina from Avra Restaurant warm up with some Latin music while they decide on their drinks.

Above-Costa and Anastasia come in out of the cold all the way from Stavros.

Some girls like their boys with their collars up.

Come along now...

Dancing Queen Viki, takes Dancing Kong Demetri for a twirl and a twist.


It's time this boy learned to dance, let's see if we can't get the music into him.

Get the rhythm.  1 2 3 4…. 1 2 3 4...

A lot of water on this bar….

Not for long.  Here come the svinakia with beer chasers.

Wow!  Now that's something?

The kids go wild!

Hello Katrina, I'm Yianni, Dimitris brother from Australia.

Getting in the mood...but for what?

Our Host - Yiorgos

This Christmas and New Year are generally more quiet on the island than last year. A week of non-stop rain probably had something to do with the lack of holiday revellers, but that doesn't stop those here.  If there's a party, there'll be a good time.

Happy New Year


Hronia Polla

Kali Hronia

My John Travolta arm doesn't know what my Elvis arm is doing, but still they seem to work well together.  Look! Both up.


Ja Ja Ja

Nein Nein Nein

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hOME ithaca greece

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