Elvis gets married again, but for Nikos Douglas, it's the first time.

The Bucks night...

hOME ithaca greece

Close window to exit

Lean on me..

Future dads do some serious bonding

...something borrowed, something blue

Lovers tiff

All made up

Ding and Dong

hOME ithaca greece

Close window to exit

Where are the girls man?

Ying and Yang

Get those Bacardi and cokes pouring.  Elvis is getting married in the morning and as there are no plans to put him on the late ferry or paint his body parts red, he may as well get a little plastered.  What's a wedding without the Groom having a hangover. 

Others are never getting married...unless the law changes.

No girls jumping out of cakes at this Bucks Night, just a little extra and misdirected testorsterone.

"Nice shirt:"

"Remember when I was young?"

Yiorgos from Spavento kept the drinks pouring all night for everyones' favourite Elvis. All had a great time drinking svinaki and reminiscing Nikos colourful past, which spans the iconic preportions of 30 years in the field. It's a historic day indeed when this Kamaki (Playboy) settles down.

Siharitiria agapimeno mas Niko

Friday 15th October 2004

Niko invites his friends to Spavento in Kioni for a drink...or two, or three, or...

All the way from the UK

Elvis has finally found his Prisilla

Spavento Bar in Kioni