Nikos and Xanthi Get Married

Saturday 16th October 2004

hOME ithaca greece

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At 6pm Xanthi, daughter of Ioannis and Theadora Koutsouvelis of Ag. Sarantas and Nikos, son of Eleni Dionisiou Douglas of Lahos, were married at Iero Nao Agion Saranta Church at Ag. Sarantas. 

Congratulations to Xanthi and Nikos.

Ithakis' Elvis is holding onto his Priscilla and they

live happily ever after with the

blessings of their families and friends.

Siharitiria. Na Zisete.

hOME ithaca greece

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The skies were grey, but the day was warm as the villagers surrounded the small church in

Ag. Sarantas

Friends and family gathered in the street as Ioannis Koutsouvelis led his daughter Xanthi to the church door where here anxious groom awaited her with his family.

After the ceremony the couple, along with their respective family, accepted blessings from each person in the crowd.

Na zisete! 

Iero Nao Agion Saranta

Nikos and Xanthi greet and thank theiir guests.

It's agreed that this wedding had a momentous atmosphere.  Nikos and Xanthi made a stunning couple on this, their Wedding Day.