Ithaca greece.  Vathy Carnival 2005 on the Greek Island of Ithaca, Ithaki.

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Carnival Time in Vathy

Sunday 13th March 2005

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Vathy couldn't have wished for a better day or better turn out.  The Carnival was such a colourful event,  made all the more colourful with lots of warm sunshine all day



Carnival Time

After weeks of rehearsal and planning, Ithacans finally get to show off  their dance steps and colourful outfits.  The pressure is on, the Square is full… Don't drop that ball. Lots of music, lots of laughs, lots of men in drag with big bosoms and the usual 'fart' joke over the PA system.


'My future's so bright, I've got to wear shades"

Ferries in and out of Ithaca were full this weekend with relatives, ex-pats and many tourists coming for the big Carnival in Vathy. The long Winter made this warm day a real fun event with lots of Kefi (good cheer) from everyone

Find a good position for a great view

This years' colours were definitely sunburst.  Red, Orange and Yellow.

Just chillin'

A good opportunity to meet up with old friends. 




North and South Island join together to make the day a success






Beauty Contest

no one won!

Miss Greece, Miss China, Miss Ukraine, Miss Germany …..

So Periklis beat Nancy...

With the continuing baby boom on the island, there is no shortage of very cute, short people with funny hats and toothless smiles joined to happy parents who are finally able to get out and about after weeks locked inside by the constant downpours.

Carnival Time in Vathy

So that's another Carnival over and done with.  A great day, lots of fun, lots of enthusiasm by all to make the most of the warm sun-filled afternoon.

Sunday 13th March 2005

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