Ithaca Greece - Winter 2005 - 2006. Greek Island Holidays in the Ionian. Ithaca Ithaki, the home of Ulysses and Homer
Winter on Ithaca 2005 - 2006
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...October 2005
Sun 9 Oct - Ithaca gets to relax a little more each day. Left - Dimitris and his son spend some quality time together at the cash register at Laertis Farm Fruit and Vegetable Market in Stavros.
Fright - Green Ithaki from Stavros to Platrithias. After storms last night, today is looking like it will be mainly fine and sunny, but who knows. It's October, and the weather is mostly unpredictable. Fine one minute, stormy, the next.
Mon 10 Oct - Below - A quiet Sunday yesterday. Frikes, all but closed down during the day, with only a few locals venturing out for dinner in the evening.
Tue 11 Oct - Rough seas yesterday rocked the boats from Vathy to Kioni. Everyone agrees, it feels like Winter now. The smells are different, the colours are darker, the wind is cooler and the streets are empty. It's time to head indoors. Most restaurants are still open for business, but it's time to put up the plastics and set up chairs and tables inside.
Below - Kioni Streets very quiet at 8pm
Above - Eerie Autumn light at dusk over Kioni. The bay is a little restless, but not as much as that in Frikes, where waves were crashing up and over the pier, lifting and rocking boats into eachother, as the swell rushed upon them. Left - Some visitors to Ithaki take advantage of the October ease to enjoy the walks around the island, followed by a hot chocolate at Spavento Bar.
Wed 12 Oct - Above, Left and Below - Heavy shadows now fall over the northern village of Frikes at 6.45pm. A veritable ghost town at that time of day. Last night, only 2 lonely yachts were docked in the bay, a far cry from the Summer rush on Frikes. The Gods Gift shop has now closed its' doors for the season and Penelope Restaurant was also closed. Stathi, also known as the Music Man, also known as Steve, the proprietor of Penelope Restaurant, checks out the action during the day and if there's none, the doors to his domain remain closed. Bemenis Bar is also now closed, The sign hung on the door reads 'Gone Fishing', but don't despair, Meropi and Olympia from Symposium Restaurant, Nektarios and Poppy from Rementzo Restaurant, Kiki and Paul from Kikis' Mini Market and showers, and of course Stavros and Penelope from Penelope Mini Market and Showers, are keeping their doors open, come rain or shine. Porto Frikes too, the villages' Ouzerie, is open for Billiards and snacks for the lonely yachtsmen looking for a hot totty and the locals, who resist hibernation. Yes folks, this is quite a different village to that of Summer Frikes. It's dramatic colours at dusk and the swelling seas on a windy day, punctuate this time of year with a definite Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.
When there's little to no distraction, then it's the simple things one takes pleasure in, like the colour of the sky that continues to light up all the other villages beyond Frikes.
Above - Meropi from Symposium, very Halara (Chilled). Before too long however, the lonely yachtsmen wander into her restaurant to warm their bones and fill their stomachs, and it's back to work.
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Fri 14 Oct - After some morning rain yesterday, it cleared quite quickly to leave another easy October day to continue. Some tourists took the opportunity for a swim in the still, glassy waters around the island, while local fisherman hawled in their daily catch, taking advantage of the mild weather of the day. Each day in October is not only unpredictable in regards to the weather, but also in regards to the people out and about. One day there seems to be no one at all left on the island, the next, as last night, there are people coming out of the woodwork, making whoopee like Summer...except for one little difference. By 10.30pm they all disappear again, into the shadows and then out of view. An early retreat to get out of the cold. Thursday nights aren't usually busy, so some restaurants were a little overwhelmed with the attendance of tourists and locals alike, sitting outside along the bay and wanting to order up bigger than the October Menu, on the first real chilly night since last Winter. By the time many realized that this romantic notion may not be a sensible one, there was no other choice. All the inside tables were already taken by the non-romantic sensible ones. Eat up, drink lots of Tsipouro to warm those cockles, and then get on home...Another day on Ithaca ends.
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