Ithaca Greece - Winter 2005 - 2006. Greek Island Holidays in the Ionian. Ithaca Ithaki, the home of Ulysses and Homer
Winter on Ithaca 2005 - 2006
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Mon 7 Nov - Early morning mist across Ithaca, but by the time the sunrises, blue skies and sunshine rule the day
Above - Clear and crisp views yesterday as the great November weather continues. Right - This spider may be tiny, but it's sure ugly up close. Now that the villages are more quiet, the arachnids are becoming more daring and taking over. Phobia? Na!
News has it that a BIG new supermarket will open in Vathy next year (apparently cheaper Athens prices and greater selection of goods), and that the corner mini market in Frikes may have a different owner next season.
Tue 8 Nov - Rementzo Restaurant in Frikes is putting on some Live Music each Friday night from 9pm - midnight, with Makis Andrianatos and guests. They're sure to play everyones' favourite songs and liven up the quiet wintery nights in the north. So if you're wondering what to do on Fridays', head to Frikes, eat, drink and be merry. Rementzo closes its' doors in January and February to refurbish, so get to it now, while you can. Debut night this Friday 11.
Ithaki woke to the pitter patter, no, not of little feet, but to rain on the tiled roofs around the island. Today is seasonally grey and dull with light falls of rain on and off. With Wells in need of filling, everyone's hoping for a great downpour, but that's not expected today, just annoying drizzle.
Wed 9 Nov - Yesterdays rainy day had the skies close in on Ithaca, to hide the horizon from all view.
It was a day to stay indoors and catch up on all the chores that sunny weather had us all evade. A good day to watch tv and get cosey as the rain poured down. A little thunder and lightning passed over the island, but was short lasting. Not even a dip in the electricity. The rain has done much in spreading green across Ithacan fields, as the dry and rocky earth, received the nourishment it needed after a long hot summer.
.Above - Fishing around Frikes. Right - Kioni canine local, Koufountinas, lovingly known as Kouffi, takes a stroll around his home ground of Raxi in the north. He's just waiting for a moped or car, to chase or run behind.
Ithaca is looking very green and lush these days. Many who only visit the island in Summer miss the green fields, hillsides and valleys of Ithaca in Winter. By the way, this years olive harvest is said to be very abundant. Lots of oil coming from the Press. Healthy trees again after last years' meager pickings.
Thu 10 Nov - Continuous rain over the past couple of days, but still the sea is calm and the temps mild. There is the smell of a wintery season in the air with occasional autumn colours blowing from the branches of the trees onto the narrow roads of the island, but so far, no major ugly weather that would chill the island to the bone. Mostly local boats are moored at the docks around Ithaca, and the streets have become very, very quiet, as all restaurants are now on their winter timetable and the gift shops have closed for the year.
Below - Makis Andrianatos tuning up for his gig at Rementzo on Friday 11th 9pm.
Photo right taken in June of 2005
Nektarios Name Day yesterday. Here's a Nektarios from Frikes. Cheeky
Fri 11 Nov - After a few days of rain, yesterdays' weather returned to the blue sky and sunny day Ithaki has come to expect from this years; Autumn. We caught up with some local Vathinians taking the time for a chat on a clear day on Ithaca. Photo Left - L - R - Mr. and Mrs. Grivas from the corner gift shop, Mr. Kostopoulos from Polyctor Tours and Mr. Kalkanis from the original Grill Taverna, Kalkanis. all Vathy institutions.
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