You'll find all the specials things happening over Winter on Ithaca during 2006 - 2007, right here.
Ithaca Winter Specials 2006 - 2007
Over the Winter Season on Ithaca, takes you along wherever we go to share in the stories and images of this Greek Island in the Ionian during the months of October until the end of April. Where only locals dare to tread.
Winter Specials 2006 - 2007
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Ithaca Christmas, Fish Festival at Polis, Marida Festival, Easter, Autumn on Ithaki, New Year Greece Ithaca. Villages of ithaca, vathi, anogi, kioni, platrithia, exogi, stavros, polis, kalivia, lahos, perahori, Ithaca in Winter, 2006 2007 Ithaki Greece.