Athens is great this time of year - From Ithaca to Australia
Thursday 16th November 2006
Today Athens, tomorrow Australia. Melbourne always feels like a country town compared to Athens and Ithaca feels like a world of its own. After almost a year on Ithaki, it's quite nice to experience how the real world lives. Athens is probably a little too real after the easy life on the island, but it's not too long before you get accustomed to the busy streets, the pollution, the noise, the people and the poverty. Each year the city becomes more cosmopolitan and multi-cultural with many Asians and Indians now occupying the inner city outskirts. The aroma of curry is now competing with souvlaki. The weather seems to be kind to all of Greece, with blue skies all week and temps that have people sun baking around the Plaka Cafes. Christmas decorations and lights are going up around the city as Greece gets into the western way of this consumer celebration. The Police dept is beginning to situate itself all around the city center with the November 17th Politehnio chaos that will happen tomorrow and probably begins tonight. BYO Mask. There will no doubt be some tear gas dispersed amongst the rioters if the Molotov cocktails start flying.