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Signs of Spring on Ithaca - Monday 12 March 2007

Although Ithaca has been a little deprived of rain this winter, the island is still pleasingly green from most aspects. A hot summer is predicted so this beautiful and quiet view down onto Ag. Ioannis beach just south of Lefki, will no doubt change dramatically when hot and sweaty bodies looking to cool themselves down this summer, colour up the white pebbles of this strand of beach. The road down to Ag. Ioannis or the millionaires' mile as some choose to call it, due to the mansions built close to the shore, has a birds eye view to many of the small coves dotted along the coastline. Aqua waters, crystal clear rock pools, white pebbles, softened and polished by the winter wash, stun the eye on a blue sky day. Cephalonia, opposite, blurs in the warm mist that hovers across its hillsides, leaving Ithaca to sparkle under the sun.

Sea sky ocean sun aqua para DISE coves
Oasis age old olive trees rock hills
Sometimes the new interfers with the old, but usually the views are so precious that the eye can overlook a blip in the landscape, such as a power pole. The rugged hillsides, dotted with green lush plataeus make this area inspiring, even locals play the tourist when going to Ag. Ioannis coast.
Spring isn't officially here, but with wild flowers carpeting the fields, it definitely feels like Spring. Another sign of the season beginning is the restaurant and bar owners of the north island sprucing up their premises. New paint jobs brighten up Frikes after a shady winter.

Itha ca Gree k isl and in the Ion ian

Paint color arran ge seat ing spru ce up
Kiki from Kikis Mini Market in Frikes, above right, hasn't left Frikes. She's seen the bayside village in its darkest and brightest days. Rain or shine, she opens up her shop for the locals in need of supplies.

Until Frikes gets the pipes laid from the Desalinization Plant at Polis Bay, the water is piped from Kalamos spring. Delivery Chart above.

Last Season the bar left was Bemenis, this season it's Fiorentinos. New owners, new style, new music, new kitchen. The Fatouros boys have gone all out to give the Frikes Bar and Cafe a pleasing face-lift. A little Casbar a little hamburger joint and alot of enthusiasm for their new business venture. Remeber the dodgey step? Poof! it's gone.
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