Oxi Day
Friday 28th October 2006

Metaxa said 'NO' to Mussolini during WWII, and this one little word is still celebrated with great pride each year in Greece. Usually all the school children of Ithaca parade down the Main street of Vathy, but this year, due to the Secondary School childrens' protest against the teachers strike, only the Primary School, and a mostly young marching band, lined up for this annual Parade. There were the usual speeches, the presence of Army uniforms and the blue and white waving through a still morning in the Capital of Vathy as the community came out to join in the celebration.

Oxi Day
It may have been a smaller parade this year, but the passion for this day was equal to all the other years of Oxi Day Parades. Greek national pride is not easily inhibited. The skies were grey, but colourful moods brightened up the village. Whether Greek or foreign, Oxi Day, like many other Greek celebrations, are a great to join in with a community in the traditions they hold dear.
The Oxi Day Parade brightens up a dull and grey day on Ithaca
The Marching Band was primarily made up of 8 - 12 year olds, and it's never sounded better. New uniforms, new blood and a young way forward.

Pride and Pomp on Oxi Day. A day of National celebration.