From Ithaki Greece to Victoria Australia - An ithacagreece.com trip
November and December 2006


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It's Christmas time in Australia

Another upside of visiting Australia was Australias' summer Santa at the shopping center in Leongatha. I wanted to sit on his lap to tell him what I wanted for Christmas, hoping he had something nice for me in his Santa bag, but before I could utter the first syllable, Santa ran off with the reindeers to get a beer at the Pub across the road. 40C gave him a thirst that needed quenching. by the way, in Australia, Santa doesn't need stuffing to give him a rounded belly. Aussie Santa comes ready made with a beer gut.

The most important upside for Victoria came on Christmas Eve when the skies opened up and the rain put out the fires that had been burning out of control for weeks, and just incase the rain didn't do it, a good unseasonal dose of snow put the icing on the cake.

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