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Monday 1 May - It's May, but the weather is November. It's a public holiday (Labour Day) but really a traditional day of strike by the Communist Party. It's been raining for days, but there are some signs today that the skies are clearing. It's cool when the sun is behind the clouds and it's quite warm when the sun finds a patch of clearing sky. Typical, now that we start Summer Lodown there's nothing summery to put on. Keep tuned, it's bound to be nice again soon.
Above - There are a new pair of hands behind the Grill at Rementzo this year. Rien from Lefki takes on Souvlaki for the season.
Mon 1 May - The streets are alive with the sound of "Patates, Tomates..."
Above - The cooler and dampish day didn't stop the boys from enjoying Bemenis in the late afternoon of May 1. Panoyioti (Bemeni) and friends chill with some cool tunes playing in the background.
Left - Stathi, the musicman has been spending most of the Spring doing up his daughters' new restaurant in Vathy, but now it's time to do what he does best and that's dance around his popular restaurant Penelopes in Frikes while the yachts roll in for the season. Stathi is soon to be a grandfather for the first time with daughter Katerini. Plenty of dancing opportunities coming up for him in the future.
Wed 3 May - Left - Meropi from Symposium in Frikes has a short break before the evening. This time of year, it's still mostly easy going for the restaurants around the island, although last night brought in a big Flotilla of yachts for the first time this season. After an initial rush, the night finished early in the northern port village. That's ok. Lots more nights ahead to be open til dawn.
Above Left - Captain Dionios from The Captains apartments in Kioni has a morning coffee and chat with friends at Margarita Cafe in Starvros. It's a sunny warm morning, even though the weather man says rain.
A beautiful day comes to an end at Dexa
A cold beer after a long day herding
Fri 5 May - Above - Shepherds day at Gefyri yesterday. Looks like the local shepherds have taken a liking to the new restaurant in Platrithia.
Sat 6 May - Below - It's a rare occurrence to see Jenny and Yiorgo (Right) out of Spavento Bar in Kion, let alone out together. With the running of their Cafe Bar and the workload of twin boys, these two struggle to have an ordinary life, let alone a social life, but it's not every day long time friends Michelle and Ian from Australia come to visit, so yesterday, down went the aprons and out came the cigars as friends celebrated eachothers company at Gefyri Restaurant for some good food and conversation.
Sun 7 May - Above - Stavros Locals at the Fatouros Taverna get together to reminisce old times.
Below - Kioni lights on a Saturday evening light up the bay waters. A mild and sunny day turns into a cool and almost chilly night this May day, but that doesn't stop people wanting to eat outside now that all the restaurants are open for business again. New faces from around the globe appear in the streets. They make for a colourful beginning to the Season. Soon we'll see yachts and Day Trippers on our shores.
Mon 8 May - Left - Xanthi and 8 month old son, Dionisis. The Douglas family down in Frikes enjoying a sunny day. Mum and baby keep Papa Niko, Mr. Douglas from The Gods Gift Shop, company during a lull in the afternoon.
May on Ithaca Island
Wed 10 May - Above - Vathinians travel north to enjoy a quiet night in Frikes. Before the season truly gets under way, it's a good time for the locals to get a little holiday fun in.  
Thu 11 May - Aristotelis (centre) from Kalkanis Restuarant and Grill in Vathy, has his usual morning coffee break at Odysseas Cafe with some friends. He doesn't look too worn out after some frantic and busy nights over the past week.
Once upon a time, but not too long ago, when the ferry came into Ithaca, the view that would stun visitors was that of the very picturesque Vathy bay. The horseshoe bay embraced travelers in its' strong, but gentle grip before the rest of the island revealed itself to them.
Right - The skies change radically over Freaky Frikes today. One minute it looks like rain, the next there are blue skies. Jacket on, jacket off, jacket on, jacket off. For the Olympics they tried to hold back the rain, (One big experiment in weather control) Now look at the sky. What happened to the Greek weather everyone loves and expects.
Left - Maki and Maria take the family for lunch in Frikes. It's not often you see the Margarita clan outside Stavros, but it seems everyone with a business is aware that if you don't get away now, before too long, there won't be an opporutnity. Kali orexi
Frikes Northern Ithaca
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