Ithaca, Greece. Around the Villages on the Greek Island of Ithaki. All the events from around the island during 2006 Summer
Around The Villages 2006
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Fri 19 May - Left - The old and the new stand side by side on the far side of Frikes heading towards the path that takes walkers and hikers to Marmaka. This village isn't everyones' cup of tea, but those who love it, just can't stay away.
Stairway to heaven in Perahori?
Sat 20 May - The weather is hotting up now. Many are swimming and nearly everyone is in T-shirts and summer attire. Out come the hats, sun screen and sandals. the island is scattered with hikers and artists, taking advantage of the last of Spring coloured fields. More and more yachts sail into the harbours as we head toward the warmer weather.
Above - Mitso the Kioni Taxi Driver, takes a midday break for some lunch at Yiannis Taverna in Stavros where Yianni and Douri promise to give you your money back if you don't like the food. Mitso looks happy with his pasta.
Above - Niko from The Gods Gift shop Frikes (and polis beach where he's been painting) and Meropi, the familiar face of Symposium Restaurant in Frikes share a moment together.
Above - Maki (L) and Dimitri (Laertis Farm Fruit Market in Stavros) decide on an ouzo and hamburger at Yefyri Restaurant in Platrithia after a long day of fruitering.
Sun 21 May - The weather bureau says the temps will rise to 33C over the next few days. Heat means a misted over horizon so let's take a pic before it disappears.
Above - Frikes harbour. The sun goes down quickly over this small village in the north
Left - Babbis from Porto Frikes Ouzerie on the far side of the Frikes strip makes a new friend while he eases into the Saturday night. Babbis has now readied the Frikes Hotel rooms, above the Ouzerie so they can once again be occupied. They are the perfect place to settle on your holiday if you are thinking of many nights at Bemenis Bar just a little down the road.
Mon 22 May - Yesterday midday around Frikes we caught all sorts on camera. It was Eleni and Costa Name day so there were lunches and celebrations, it was a very warm day, so people came out to play, it was Sunday, so I took a break and headed out to see what I could see.
Yesterday was a day for young and old. All enjoying the very warm day.
Above - No, these boys are not drinking. They look happy because it's a nice day.
Left - Aphrodite and Marino celebrate Grandmother Elenis' name day at Symposium Restaurant with baby son, Athanasios, who's not camera shy at all as he waves to his many relatives around the world.
Ithaca welcomes Athanasios to the world
Below - All the family celebrate Elenis' Name day. It's a great time to spend a Sunday afternoon. One Eleni is missing from this picture, Eleni, daughter of Diamantina, who is living in Athens. Hronia Polla to you too Eleni.
The hardworking Sopoula family relax and enjoy the day of celebration yesterday. Now for what to eat. Olympia and Meropi tempt the senses with their culinary inventions.
Above - The Ena (Proto) family from Vathy come north to celebrate their Elenis' Name Day (Eleni seen right). Vathys' famous hairdresser gets a rare opportunity to celebrate with all her family which take time from their busy lives. Eat up and drink well, for tomorrow it's back to work.
Above - Mema and Aris chill at Bemenis Bar, well not really, Mema is working, but oh what a job. Just wait until August, there'll be no sitting down then. For now, it's easy sailing in Frikes so why not take advantage and enjoy a great Sunday afternoon.
Below - Aki from Bemenis Bar keeps fit with front door pull-ups. I'm impressed!
Tue 23 May - Hot days in the mid 30's ahead. Summer is here even though the month is still May.
Vathy Bay
Wed 24 May - End of May is coming on us very quickly now. The weather over the past week has been hotter than usual and today it's around 35C. Yeap, it's HOT. The horizon is disappearing from an intense heat mist and there's not a breeze in the air. Some parts of the island are doing very well, speaking touristically (I know that's not a real word) others are still quiet. It is a nice time to be on the island however and everyone that's here, right now, is really enjoying Ithaca in May
With weather this warm, the best place to be is at the beach, so come on over!!!!!
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