Ithaca, Greece. Around the Villages on the Greek Island of Ithaki. All the events from around the island during 2006 Summer
Around The Villages 2006
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Penelope Restaurant in Frikes
Thu 25 May - Above - On a hot day, there's always a shady place to sit and be refreshed around the island. A little food, a little wine? Why not.
Visiting artists get inspired by Ithaki views in the north of the island. Painting holidays are very popular at this time of year. Ithaca may not have everything, but it's never short of a great view.
Fri 26 May - After a few very hot days, visitors to the island were just a little relieved for the cool change that hit the island yesterday around midday.
While the wind blew furiously everywhere else on the island, Outside Romanza in Stavros, it was quite still. A good time to catch up with the days' news(probably yesterdays). Not even a flutter of wind through the newspaper.
Mid afternoon yesterday, the wind began to howl, the temp dropped dramatically and by late afternoon, Ithacas' hot Summer day turned a little bleak. The Australians thought that this could only happen in Melbourne, but the weather just isn't what it used
to be, so maybe it should be no surprise to anyone that 2 seasons in 1 day is also a possibility here on the island.
Left - Makis Andrianatos shows off his flower arch for his son Illias, who regularly visits the website from London.
Sun 28 May - Below - No, ithacagreece is not on the road again. This is the new Aetos road
Sat 27 May - Above - Stavros. A sunny morning turned into a annoyingly windy and cloudy afternoon.
Aetos goes up a notch with the new road now finished, tarred and striped. How many buses does it take to pothole a road? Guess we'll soon find out.
There's no doubt about it, Vathy harbour just after the sun goes down, is a sight to behold. The Kefalonia ferry stays the night each Saturday night and lights up the bay,
Batis Restaurant and Pizzeria on the bay in Vathy starts the season in ernest. It will be a busy year for the Georgoulas family with the restaurant and Marinopoulos Supermarket to run.
Mon 29 May - Everywhere you look is a picture perfect view. It's back to great weather days around the island. Blue skies, calm seas and the aroma of good food wafting through the air.
Birds eye view Frikes
Tue 30 May - All Ithacans know that during the Winter, there is no ice cream on the island, so when the weather starts warming up and the ice-cream fridges are stocked again, it becomes everyones' favourite past time to eat a little cool, delicious fruit and cream on the stick. There's nothing better after a hard days' work on a hot day. In Kioni, the Moraitis corner shop, Pantopoleion, keeps the refrigerator stocked with many favourite flavours, keeping kids of all ages very happy.
A heat mist hovers low over the Ionian as viewed from Raxi near Kioni in northern Ithaca.
The New Spring Moon on a stary night lights up the northern sky over Exoghi.
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