Ithaca, Greece. Around the Villages on the Greek Island of Ithaki. All the events from around the island during 2006 Summer
Around The Villages 2006
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Wed 31 May - The last day of May already? It seemed like we went directly from Winter into Summer without an 'ease-in' period. Below the historical Pilikata Hill just outside of Stavros is illuminated under a ray of sunshine that brings out all the colours of Ithaki.
Above - From a Stavros view, Polis bay mellows in the afternoon light. As the weather gets warmer, it won't just be the green, green grass of home that will burn under the sun, but the Brits too, as they head to the beaches to colour themselves Greek while on holiday.
Above - Aphales Bay turns gold at sunset. For those who have had the opportunity to spend time in this area, or those who have holidayed at the lovely Levendis' Estate, know just how easily the beautiful views over Aphales get deep inside the psyche to make the traveler return again and again. Artists have interpreted this bay through water colour and oil, pencil and charcoal, but is it really possible to capture such beauty without all the dimensions in which it exists?
Thu 1 Apr - As more travelers land on Ithakis' shores, the Village Squares become a colourful hub of activity. Many wonder if anyone works here. Of course they do. They work hard, but
the hard work that goes on during the Summer season is not so easily recognized by the touristic eye. Ithaca has its' own working rhythm. A relaxed manner that keeps everyone sane
Sat 3 June - Yesterdays' wind cleared the atmosphere and made for some great views across to the hotizon. Above - The vibrant aqua waters of Aphales Bay with Lefkada in the distance.

Left - It's been awhile since we've had a party on so it's about time we had one. Last night at Chez Manu in Vathy, the back street was pumping with the Happy birthday Dimitri Danis Party, Abba, a comprehensive 70s' play list and a full disco light show.

Click here or on photo left for all the pics of the party goers.

Above - The opening of the new Hani Cafe was by all accounts a very popular Opening. Cars filled the car park and lined the roadside almost all the way to Lefki. Ok that's an exaggeration, but they were parked far up the road from the Cafe. We did a dry-by and were very impressed at just how lovely the owners have made it.
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Sun 4 June - It's a quiet Saturday evening in Frikes. Some locals watch the boats pass by the village bay, choosing to dock somewhere else this day, others entertain themselves with a game of Tavli. A cool wind blows, clouds cover the sky and block the sun. There are sighs of relief. There are sighs of disappointment. Now that the Season has started, this day is named 'Changeover Day' and gives reason to the empty streets and almost empty restaurants. Changeover Day is the day one group of company holidayers are exchanged for another group of company holidayers, leaving Saturdays as a 'settling into their accommodation' day for the newcomers to the island, but today, there will be new faces in the streets and the holiday week starts all over again.
A leisurely cup of coffee for Margarita from Frikes Rementzo Restaurant before her shift starts, while Michaela from Symposium is already on her feet, doing the bay to kitchen stomp.
What many people are not aware of is that most workers on the island hold down 3,4 and 5 jobs at a time in Summer to get them through the year. Work in Winter is a rare opportunity.
The locals get out and about on Sunday, wind rain or shine. Above - Niki and Yiorgo from Stavros get in a cup of coffee before the kids wake up.
Mon 5 June - Yesterday, everyone was scrambling for a jacket. Early morning rain started the day and an annoying wind kept it going into evening. It did clear the atmosphere and made for some great light and views however, but the chill was a little of a shock after Ithakis' heatwave over May
June 2006
Below - Yesterday morning in the north of the island, the day started off with thunder- storms and buckets full of rain, while the
Tue 6 June - A great light falls over Vathy yesterday evening. The wind finally died down to make a great clear view day.
south of the island remained untouched by the sudden spurt of bad weather. The streets seem to be quite a bit emptier than in May. Looks like everyone has gone to Germany for the Footy.
Thu 7 June - A special Long Weekend presentation of the DAVinci Code will be showing at the Vathy Cinema Fri 9, Sat 10, Sun 11 and Mon 12 June. Session time - 9pm. Support the Cinema with our presence and enjoy a night at the movies in Vathy.
The golden light of late afternoon, really brings out the the vibrant colours of Ithakis' capital. Locals stroll the street or sit along the bay while the sun begins to set.
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