Summer Lodown Around the Villages brings you all the festivals and fun of the season on Ithaca in Greece. 2006
Around The Villages 2006
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While football has almost everyone enthralled and glued to a tv set, whether at home in the cafes, looks like not everyone is excited by the World Cup. Dimitris Danis takes comfort in the Biography of Lucy Ball while the crowds cheer a Goal around him.
Above - Proto Supermarket in Frikes, celebrated its' official opening yesterday evening. We wish the Livani family from Vathy, success with their new venture in Frikes.
As part of Navy Week on Ithaki, the Ithacan Choir sings traditional songs of the sea in celebration. The choir gave a great performance last night at the Cultural Center in Vathy. It was nice to see the community turn out to support them. If you missed it, it's a shame. The performance at the Cultural Center in Vathy, was very special and made for an enjoyable night out. Click here or on photo left for more pics.
Wed 28 June - Not too many lazy cats on the island at this time of year. They're too busy doing the restaurant circuit. Chow Time for the feline.
Ready to pounce
The sea is like glass, everything is still. It's steaming. It's Hot. We have a heatwave on Ithaki.
Thu 29 June - Right - Big Wednesday at Bemenis started in ernest last night. The older, more sensible crew settled outside in the cool of the night, while the young and nubile took their positions inside under a flattering light, bopping to Madonna and Abba remixes. Not a glow of persperation on their throbbing brows. Lucky (Mr. Umbrella Man from Polis beach), the instigator of Big Wednesdays, has mellowed this year, so there was no dancing on the bar top...yet. It's still early in the Season, so there's plenty of time for a little madness. With School finishing soon, Bemenis will be bursting at the seams inside and out, motorbikes slotted into every square inch along the strip and enthusiastic youngens (hee hee) throwing up in the early hours after too many rainbow coloured svinaki
Fri 30 June - Above - Kioni view from Raxi Hills. With very high temps for days and days now, life on Ithaki is slowing right down. No energy for anything but sitting in a cool spot and finding a tree to sleep under inbetween swimming. A heat mist blurs the horizon and the waters are very, very still. With no change predicted until Sunday, tonights Panighiri in Frikes will be cooking in more ways than one.
Boat at Mavrona
Diving into Kravoulia and staying under is the only way to cool down these days.
Left - This Greek flag flying in Frikes, has been battered by wind, rain and passing trucks, shredding it into only a tattered memory of European Cup glory. About time for a new one isn't it?
Right - A beer and a Frikes breeze helps dry the sweat from the brow after another scorching hot day.
It's July
Sat 1 July - Last night, the last night of June, the Frikes Panighiri fizzled instead of sizzled. Oh well, you can't win them all. Click here or on Photo Left for all the pics. (Damouri Jnr was pretty funny though)
Mon 3 July - Bringing Navy Week to a close (and the heatwave) there were fireworks and The Aegean Musical Group played in Vathy Square last night. Ithakis' Capital had a great traditional feel around the streets. Locals and visitors gathered around the group as they delivered beautifully sung and played Greek tunes.

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