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Fri 23 June - A few things to remember for the coming week. Next week is Naval Week with a memorial on Saturday in Vathy. Also the Ithaki Choir sings songs from the sea at the cultural center in Vathy on the 25th. Please check Events Calendar.

Friday the 30th June is the first Panighiri for the season and it starts in Frikes. No complaints or threats of changing the date this year. The Frikes community is in agreement and it will definitely happen. The usual date falls nicely at the end of the week, thus no need to change the day to a weekend.

Sun 25 June - Yesterday another earth tremor hit Ithaca around 6am. No damage, no injuries. Again, I missed the whole thing.

On July 6, at the Cultural center in Vathy, there will be poetry readings and discussions on poetry. You may like to be Greek, or at least understand Greek, to get a handle on this.

The grapevine has it that on 10 August, Spyros Arsenis and band will be doing a 'Live' show at Limnes (where the Platrithia Panighiri is held) to perform about 12 or so songs written by Yiorgos Douglas (Poet and Painter in Lahos Locals) The Theme of the songs is 'Odysseas' For those interested in Greek music, this is your chance to see some locals doing it 'live' with love.

Wed 28 June - RUMOUR! RUMOUR! The big rumour going around the island is that Robert Redford has bought a (RECENTLY MADE FAMOUS) property near Vathy. Someone very close to this property has categorical denied it. The actual reply was "That's complete bullshit"

The Frikes Panighiri is definitely not a rumour. It's happening, it's on this Friday, 2 days from now. Don't miss it. All the famous Ithacans will be there.

Thu 29 June - The weather bureau predicts a heatwave over the coming days. Where have they been? We've been in the middle of a heatwave for days already. Temps of 38 - 40C. A Thundery change is expected on Sunday. Reminds me of Melbourne, Australia. Heatwave, cool change, heatwave, cool change. If this goes on much longer, half the island will be setting up beds in Frikes, still the coolest place to spend the evening after a sizzling day.

ONLY ONE MORE DAY UNTIL THE FRIKES PANIGHIRI. it better be good after all this hype. If the boys are up to it, HC might even do a little thing, but you better have your sleep if you want to see that. If it happens, it won't happen until the very early hours of the morning.

Fri 30 June - Frikes Panighiri Tonight. Please come and enjoy the fun, but don't be too funny, I may catch you on camera.

Sat 1 July - There's no stopping an Australian from saying what's on his mind, but it's amazing that no one stops it being put into print. What has this to do with Ithaki? Simple, Greek Ithacans here, right now, are all of the same opinion as the The Sydney Morning Herald, that's why their mouths are duck taped. Do me a favour and let them win a game of Bad gammon at least so we can calm the beast. (Article sent to me by Adrian Lunny, UK)
Mon 3 July - Above, the real Headline.

Navy Week came to a finish last night with Fireworks and Live music in Vathy. It was a big week of celebration as many Ithacans are, or have been sailors.

Tue 4 July - This morning Ithaca was woken by the sound of thunderstorms and rain. By mid morning the skies had cleared and it looks like a fine day ahead. The cooler temps make a refreshing break from the long hot June days of close to 40C temps.

The Astakos ferry has been out of action for some time now, but news is that around the 15 July, the Ithaca - Astakos service will be reinstated.

The 5th Annual Poster Competition is now showing at The Gallery in Vathy. Support Fimios who brings Ithaca great entertainment and events each year, by purchasing the Book of the Poster Competition with entries and themes over the past 5 years.

Fri 6 July - Big News. Great News!!!!!! Lefki is getting a water supply...Finally. Yes, the pipes are being laid (through roads, gardens and fields) from the Well further up the mountain to the backyard Wells of the Lefki Community. It's only a matter of turning on the tap. Another election year bonus maybe?

The time has come for locals and visitors alike, to DRIVE SLOWER. As more and more people arrive on the island, road rage is beginning to rear its' inevitable head. The narrow roads are not conducive to race track speeds when there are tour buses around every corner and truck drivers with a death wish carrying wobbly loads. The usual suspects, drive like maniacs and put everyone in danger, so let me just say it again. SLOW DOWN!! Please (of course)

Last week nearly everyone was complaining about the heat wave, but last night in Frikes, the chilly night air, usual for this time of year, made many long for another wave of heat.

Tonight at the Cultural center, take a trip down to Vathy for Poetry readings by Tilemahos Karavias (Mayor) and Yiorgos Douglas. Starts around 8pm

Sat 8 July - On Sunday 9th of July, the road to Exoghi will be closed for resurfacing. The road has been in need of fixing up for quite a few years, with some sections very rugged. Most tourists return from a trip to the village a little freaked by the height and the narrowness of some sections of the road. This won't change, but at least they'll have a freaky smooth ride instead of a freaky bumpy ride.

On Ithaca, any excuse to party is an excuse to party, so that Demetri Vlass from Spavento Bar in Kioni, turns 50 on Sunday, is more than good reason to have some fun...well maybe not. We all know that this wild haired waiter/musician/IT person, doesn't look his age, but he does act it. What does Demetri want for his birthday? Does he want to rage? Does he want to dance all night? Does he want to party with his friends? NO! He wants to sleep. Looks like a slumber party for this middle ager.

Sun 9 July - A power out on Ithaki yesterday, threw the island into complete disarray. The northern island had electricity restored about an hour after the failure, but the southern island, was left without power for the rest of the day and for today. Kioni also had the extra heavy weight of no water, after a problem with the Desalinization Plant could not be fixed due to the 'Fixer' having gone fishing for the day. To top it all off, Ithaki suffered through storms and downpours as some freak weather passed over the Ionian yesterday. Today the skies are blue again and the atmosphere, fresh, after yesterdays' unseasonal rain.

Wed 12 July - Seems like the Exoghi road was closed to resurface only a small section of road in front of a house. Some residents were not too happy about finding a way around or over the blockade.

Remember Starsky and Hutch? I don't, but seeing Mr. Sole is in Kioni, Series fans are reminded of this 70's cop show. Who knows, he may even end up in the Who's here, if someone tells me what he looks like.

Yesterday, the island resembled a plot in a spy movie, with undercover cops, guns and FBI-like men guarding two large buses with Embassy workers and their families, while they toured the island as part of a holiday to promote Greece to the various countries around the world, represented in the Embassies in Athens. The group is currently in Cephalonia, but yesterday included Ithaki for a quick tour and a swim.

Australian Dance Club megahead, Peter Raff, from ONE LOVE and La La Land is also currently on Ithaca, visiting family in Kioni. My head is spinning from all the excitement. So much to see, so little time. Better get to it.

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