Ithaca, Greece. Who's Here during the Summer of 2006. Visitors, their faces and stories on Ithaki Summer Lodown
Who's Here 2006
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Sun 6 Aug - Above - It's been 6 years since Irina and Olivie have set foot on Ithaki. The last time they were here they were just settling into Boston US, after living in Paris most of their lives. Since then Irina and Olivie are discovering that there is still a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow for them, with both their careers (Irina a Genetic Scientist and Olivie in the Hotel business) taking an up turn in their new country of residence. Olivies' summers were spent growing up on the island, he has his roots in Vathy, where he has a family home, but both love the north island. They spend their short week at their favourite beach and nights with friends whose company they enjoy.
Right - Marina and George are Ithacans, but now live in Sydney. It's been some time since Marina has made the long journey to Ithaca, but George is an annual arrival.
Above - Arthur and Pam are here for 2 weeks from Sydney Australia. We caught up with them at Yiannis Taverna with friends George and Marina below.
Mon 7 Aug - Below - Dawn and Harry from SA, prepare for the wedding of daughter Nadia on the 20th. It's been in the planning for some time.
Left - Adrianna (right) is back on Ithaca for her annual Summer holiday. She left the kids at Nonas to enjoy the Stavros Panighiri with friend Eleni (Left). Adrianna married an Ithacan, Costa (right), and then whisked him back to Sydney, where they live. He now has a successful career in the TV industry and only looks towards Ithaki when Summer comes.
The happy faces of Summer
Above - Wolfgang, Christina and Sophia are back to their Summer Home in Kolieri from Austria.  
Above - Gundi, and son Johannes are enjoy some family time in Platrithia, with daughters Christina and Sophia and son inlaw Wolfgang. These are happy Austrians with Ithaki in their hearts.
Above - Casey and father Sam, are back on Ithaca after spending some time in the Peleponese where Sam has a Greek family home. They enjoy some good company and a few drinks with friends before they get into the deep of the island.
Below - The Delaportas clan spans the world. Steve and son, Jerry visit the villages with cousin and Vathy icon, Stavros Delas. They are here from Arizona in the US.
Above - Stuart is here from Newcastle in Australia, where another substantial community of Ithacans live.
Tue 12 Aug - Below - Scarmy, once local boy from Kolieri, now living in Athens, returns to Ithaki for his holiday.
August is of course the busiest month on Ithaki. It's when ex-pats descend upon the island from far and wide to revisit their family roots and friends, and to rekindle their love affair with the island.
Below - Vicky and husband Panoyioti are here from Athens. Vicky is middle daughter of Ourania and George Vasilopoulos of Stavros. They come regularly to the island with their 3 sons, Constantinos, George and Thanos.
Below - Maria Kapotis with her roots in the south, holidays in
Wed 9 Aug - 2 Brothers from Cyprus, George and John Lakkotrypis, take a liking to our small island of Ithaki. George had visited Ithaki earlier in the year, but for John, his first visit was a mammoth effort to see as much as he could in the space of a short day. George is Business Development Manager of Microsoft Cyprus and Johns' career is in IT. As a mere webmrs, I was pleased to meet them both.
Above - Rena, Kassiani and Xenofontas catch up in Platrithia. Rena and Kassiani are from the Kolieri Raftopoulos family, and are here on their annual Ithaki Summer. Xenofontas is here from Athens where he leaves a busy life behind to relax and enjoy the island.
in the north island this year.
Right - George Mavrikis and wife Linda from South Africa, enjoy a romantic dinner at Yefuri Restaurant on the night of the August full moon. The George Mavrikis story should soon be on its' way and in the Ithacans Around the world pages.
Who's Here
Fri 11 Aug - Below Left - Lorenzo is here from Italy and has little to worry about when he returns to the island each summer. He invites his Italian community of friends to Raxi House for a party at which they can enjoy great views and great food. Oh What a Life!
Sat 12 Aug - Joao and Anita from South Africa have been wedlocked for 1 1/2 years now and it may be difficult to unlock them especially now they are on holiday. Anita is from the Fitzgerald clan, who are making their mark on the island with Mum Kate, who has roots in Anoghi, infecting her family with the Ithaki bug.
Below Left - Ryan, Nadia and Kate are here. They spent the evening with Pappas Babbis in Kioni, organizing details for their Ithaki Wedding on the 20th August. Ryans mum, Kate, interprets the ritual.
. .
Above - Patrick Fitzgerald, father of the groom, hides under a tree while the wedding plans are put into action. No point in everyone being nervous.
Above - Mimi from Kioni, spends the evening with his niece, Eugenia, visiting from Athens. Where better to get reaquainted than on the bayside while the sun goes down over Ithaki.
Left - Dennis is back on Ithaki from Canada. He is another Ithacan living around the world, soon to be included in the section of the same name. He's a regular visitor to and a well known face around the traps.
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