see all the faces of the summer. visit the island and see who's here on the 2006 summer lodown of ithaca in greece.
Who's Here 2006
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From Perth with love
Sun 11 June - Above Left - Marg and Gil are visiting, visiting Ithacans, Chandra and John, friends from their home state of WA in Australia. Marg and Gil are finishing off their European tour on Ithaca and are finding it just the way to relax before getting back into life in Oz. Chandra and John are of course, no strangers to Ithaca. They come nearly every year for their fix of island life. Their Ithacan home is in Kioni, one of Ithakis' favourite sea-side villages. We caught up with this group at Gefyri Restaurant in Platrithia.
Above - few nights ago on tv, the Australian movie, Wog Boy, was on. A spoof on Greek/Australian personality idiosyncrasies with a story line thrown in. One of the actors in this very funny film was Greek/Australian actor, Irene Pappas. Irene is on Ithaca, as she is most years, enjoying a good rest in her Ithacan home in Kioni. We will have Irenes' story soon on 'Ithacans Around the World'.
Mon 12 June - Left - Eva and Panoyioti Chronopoulos are here from Patras for the long weekend. Panoyioti and his family run Mythos Restaurant in Patras at which his 8 month old bride, and once well loved Spavento Waitress Eva, also works. With Eva and Panoyioti, it was love at first sight and they make no secret of it. They have a passion for eachother and a love of Ithaca to boot.
Panoyioti is a musician and Eva a Singer. In his younger days, Panoyioti loved rock music, but nowdays his direction leans more towards Jazz and blues. His dream is to set up a recording studio on Ithaca. Nice.
Above - Jacinta and Dave have returned to ithaca, visiting from Essex in the UK. They were lucky enough to secure Room number 8 again at Aristotelis Apartments in Frikes through their Sunvil Holiday package. A room with a view. That's always important when on holiday on a Greek Island.
Fri 16 June - Yes Folks, Lucky Laki is back in town. He's set up his umbrellas down at Polis Beach and it's on again for young and old. Can't reach that spot between your shoulder blades? Get Lucky to help cover your unreachable spots with sunscreen. Too much sun? Hire an umbrella from Lucky. The stones on the beach too bumpy on your bumps? Hire a lounge chair. Yes, it's time for Polis
fun. The Polis community is a special one as those of you who have spent your hours on the beach there, know. Enjoy it while you can. Lucky is back to Oz after the season.
Sat 12 June - Above - It's been a couple of years since Tom and Nancy have been on Ithaca. They're here for 2 weeks from the UK. While they're in Greece, once Lefki locals Derek and Lynn, are house-sitting for them.
Below - Chris and Kathy are on Ithaca from Rochdale UK. We caught up with them at Dinner at Paliocaravo Restaurant in Vathy, waiting eagerly for their lamb chops.
Sun 18 June - Above - Trevor and Kathy Baines are treating themselves to some Omirikon luxury in Vathy while they wait for a room with a view in nearby Cephalonia. These two are here from Wales, a little disappointed that there's no 'Live' Greek music happening while they're here, but who knows, they might come back for the Choir Performance in a week. They send a big hello to their boys Luke and Leon.
Above - Graham and Barbara from Kent UK, were trying to enjoy a nice quiet meal, until woman wielding camera arrives to take their photo.
Below - Peggy always has good reason to visit Ithaca, her daughter Judi lives on the island
Ithaca Holiday
Tue 20 June - A morning bus tour rolls into Vathy and the passengers head straight to Margarita Cafe for drinks and snacks. The misty and hot morning made a pit stop here very refreshing. The traditional village of Stavros is quite popular with the tourists coming to the island. Here you'll find the stunning Sortiros church at the center of the town Square, Odysseas bust, the Stavros Museum just a little outside the village and of course Pilikata hill, one of the most historic areas of the northern Island.
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