Ithaca, Greece. Who's Here during the Summer of 2006. Visitors, their faces and stories on Ithaki Summer Lodown
Who's Here 2006
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Sun 23 July Cont - Left - Jessica Bell is here just for the weekend to catch up with family and as many friends as she can, during her 'egg-timer' visit. Many of you may remember Jessica as the waitress at Spavento Bar for many years, while others may know her as ash11 Singer /songwriter. Jessica now lives in Athens, where she works as an Editor for an English Language Book Pub -
Above - Dimitri from Newcastle Australia is here for only the 2nd time in his life, getting acquainted with his Kionion roots. Brad and wife, Renee, are here from Melbourne. They have
lishing company. Jessica has been fortunate enough to be discovered by Promoter and Events Manager, Spilios.
their roots in Stavros. This beautiful 3-some come with all the excitement that makes for a great Ithacan Summer.
Left - Another Melbournian, Nick Karantzis, is chilling out in Kioni for the Summer. A couple of his well-known Ithacan relatives are Yiorgos from Spavento Bar in Kioni and Nikos from Mylos Creperie in Vathy.
Mon 24 July - Right - Manuel and son Yianni, finally arrive on Ithaki. Young Yiannis' family has been waiting anxiously to see how much he's grown. By all reports he's a fire cracker, lively and interested in everything. Yianni is the grandson of Marina and Yianni Andrianatos and nephew to Julia from Antikeimeno Tzoulia Gift and Jewelry shop in Frikes. Yianni and his parents Manuel and Virginia live in Milano Italy.
Camper vans come off the boat from Lefkada and head straight towards the Frikes Pier. There is no camping ground there, but that doesn't seem to worry them. As long as it's free.
Wed 26 July - Right - Illiana and Marco are back on Ithaki from Melbourne in Australia.
Fri 28 July - Above - Paul is back this year from the UK, not as a Holiday Rep, but as a fully fledged tourist. Congratulations Paul, you finally made it.

They're ready for some fun and to find their Summer Parea (Group) Illiana has practically grown up on Summer Ithaki.

Below - Brenda, Georgie and George Soars from the UK, are on Ithaki for the first time. They're staying in Kioni, but just love Frikes, where they sense the realty of Greece.

Below - Yvonne, Jack and Les are here from Birmingham. It's their 5th time to Ithaca and just love the island, and the Captains Apts in Kioni, where they stay each visit. Les logs on
Sat 29 July - Left - Angelique and nephew George, are enjoying a night in Frikes. Angelique lives in Athens, was raised in Australia, and comes to Ithaki annually for her Summer holiday. Her roots are in the beautifully situated mountain village of Exoghi, where the views are always spectacular.
Below is young Georges' mum, Poppy, English Tutor and dedicated mum in the big smoke of Athens,
regularly to, so it's only reasonable he and his family should be right here on Summer Lodown Who's Here. Next week this family heads off to Cephalonia for 1 week.
but was raised in South Africa. The pluses of an extended family on Ithaki means that mum can have a drink with her hubby Jerome, while aunty Angelique occupies son George. Poppy is first cousin to Nektarios from Rementzo and is from the Vasilopoulos clan of Stavros.
Summer Lodown Who's Here 2006
Left - Tugger of War. Robert Pica is an Aussie/Italo from Melbourne Australia and is on Ithaki for the first time. He wasted no time getting into the Polis Beach Game of Tug of war, organized by Mr. Polis himself, Lucky, and tugged on the Aussie side against South Africa. They were unfortunately beaten on this occasion, but Robert is hulking up for the next round.
Sun 30 July - Right - Ellis is here from the Netherlands and staying in Vathy. She's on Ithaca for a holiday while she visits with her working friend, Marloes, a Rep for one of the Holiday companies here for the Summer.
Wed 2 Aug - Above L - R - Basil, Nina, Spiro and Lee. From South Africa to Australia, Mainland Greece and who knows where else, back to Ithaca, just like all of Odysseas' good little children. More proof that traveling the far corners of the world is in the Ithaki Psyche.
Above - Roger and Janet are fresh off the boat and straight into the action. Roger is a musician from Cambridge UK and Janet, his partner, a chemistry teacher and mother to 2 teenage girls. They are here for 2 weeks to have fun, relax and spend time with their friends Poppy and Nektarios.
Above - Alex and Emma get a bear hug from family friend, Nek, who feels the need to protect them from the big, bad boys of Ithaca. The girls are here with their mum, Janet and partner, Roger and are ready to have a great time with or without old Uncle Nek.
Right - Nico has 4 days to spend with his wife Julia, daughter Anastasia, mother Tasia, father Lazaros, and to wish his brother Nek, a Happy Birthday, before he returns to work in Athens. It seems that all Ithacans are destined to spend much of their life in transit as they travel between their everyday lives, back to the island of Ithaki to which they are drawn.
Left - Virginia is really a local girl from Kolieri, who is on the island from Italy, where she relocated after marrying her italian husband, Manuel. It's been years since Ithaki was her home, her life is now in Milan, but whenever she has the opportunity, Virginia comes back to visit her family and the home she still carries in her heart.
Sat 5 Aug - Above - Reg and Sia are here from Melbourne, visiting relatives in the village of Lahos. They've been hanging out in Lefkada the past 2 months.
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