Ithaca Greece - Winter 2005 - 2006. Greek Island Holidays in the Ionian. Ithaca Ithaki, the home of Ulysses and Homer
Winter on Ithaca 2005 - 2006
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Thu 9 Mar - On a great day, you just can't go past this bench just outside Raxi. Yes, the temperatures are lower, but the views were very clear yesterday. So sit and enjoy. Click here to enlarge the photograph.
As the clock strikes 2pm, the Stavros streets are quiet on Wednesday. Margarita Cafe keeps the home fires burning for the northern community, giving them a place to meet.
Congratulations to Aphrodite and Marino on the birth of their son 1st March. He's healthy and very cute. Aphrodite, from Porto Thiaki Hotel and the Soboula store in Stavros and Marino, are in the lucky position of having both their fathers named Thanasi, so there won't be any argument in who's name their son will take. Needless to say, there are smiles all around in the Soboula and Blika families.
Fri 10 Mar - Below Left - the view to Polis Bay from the Spilia area of Stavros. In Summer Polis beach is a popular area to spend all day at the beach. The friendly community set up there by Lazaros who runs the Cantina and Lucky with his umbrellas and lounges, make this beach one of the most entertaining in northern Ithaki. In Summer you can also rent a boat at Polis, go for a trip to Fiscardo and back, before being roped in to a game of 'Tug Of War'. In Winter, Polis returns to the local fisherman who have usedthis bay as their mooring place for many, many years. Below - A traffic jam in Platrithia. Ok, so it's just one car parked on the road outside the Carpenters, but that's all it takes to stop the flow on some of the narrow roads that wind through the northern villages of Ithaca. It's down to 'superdriver', Panos, to clear the way.
View to Polis Bay from Spilia area of Stavros
Sat 11 Mar - Severe storms and fierce winds ripped through the Ionian during last night, but this morning everything is still standing, the lights are on and the phone works. Reverse cycle airconditioners were turning off and on, resetting themselves, all over the island as the lightning cut power several times during the storm. This morning however, Ithaca woke to a beautiful Spring day, blue skies and clear views, birds chirping and the sun shining.
Above - Pilikata hill, from where some lucky residents have views over Aphales across to Lefkada, across Polis to Kefalonia and down to Frikes towards the mainland. The Pilikata area is a rich archeological area of northern Ithaki. It's where some believe, Ulysses had his palace and is also the site of one of Ithakis most ancient civilizations. Right - Stone house ruins dot the island from end to end. It's a shame so many houses are left to ruin, but as people migrate to other parts of the world, it doesn't take long for a dwelling to disintegrate into rubble when left to the elements. As is usual on Ithaca, and elsewhere in Greece, many of these ruins are owned by families dispersed across continents or tied up in disputes that enable the decay to continue until only a few stones are left to mark the plot of their ancestors..
Spring is in the air. Days are longer, nights are shorter and all the signs point to a long hot Summer ahead.
Sun 12 Mar - Yesterday had a bit of every season rolled into one day. Before the weather turned too bad to enjoy being outside, we took a walk around the edges of Stavros for fresh air and exercise. I feel better now, do you? Click here or on photograph left for more pics.
Hmmm. Creative wiring exhibition. Who needs the NY art scene, We have sculpture art right here. No entry fee. Must make sure you heave nice, thick rubber soles on your shoes before you turn on the lights.
Mon 13 Mar - It's raining, but the bad weather really issn't as bad as predicted. No storms, no great winds, just a rainy day with a dramatic, sometimes very bleak sky, which occasionally allows the sun to shine through.
It started out a miserable day, but for a few hours, Ithaki bathed in perfect Spring weather. Forget about business, take a drive and walk to the farside of Vathy with It's about time we left the grey skies and headed into the blue to remind us all, just why we are looking forward to Summer on Ithaca. If you've never been to Skinos beach, you're not alone. It's my first time too, so let's head to the playground of the rich and famous and some of the scenes inbetween, for a little look. Click here or on photo below left for more.
Tue 14 Mar - On Wednesday 15th March there is a National Strike, so don't be expecting to go anywhere or do anything.
Everyone has been raving about the Vathy cinema this season. New equipment and brand new films. Next weekend you can see King Kong.
Wed 15 Mar - This section has little to do with Ithaca, but does involve Ithacans. Rien from Lefki Cam, who, for 1 night with hard candy, was separated from his wife Ester, for an entire week, has made a T-Shirt 'I survived the Hard Candy gig in Athens'. It's cool, it's approved and if you want one you can click here. There's also just a plain hard candy t-shirt for sale also designed by rien. Cafe Press is a completely secure site. has had quite a few enquiries on where they can get hard candy cds, well, I'm happy to say that thanks to hard candy manager Betty Ennis in Oz, hard candy does have a few copies for sale, but you'll need to visit > candy bytes for all that info.
Above - what's this? Hanging around the streets? Must be some kind of job for the boys. What job? Aah cds.
A rainy start to the day, cool and low clouds clinging onto mountainsides. Shortly after lunch, the sky began to clear.
Right - Yianni from Yiannis Teverna in Stavros, also Lefki Mayor, also taxi driver, goes about his usual business delivering and picking up customers from Vathy. It's no secret that Yiannia and wife Douri have been building a little nest egg for themselves in Lefki. Apartments upstairs and a 'soon to be announced' downstairs. Yianni has confirmed that the apartments will be ready for this seasons' rental. One thing's for sure. the sunsets and views will be great and for those who know Yianni and Douri, you know they'll be happy to please.
This could be Island paranoia, but I feel like I'm being watched.
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