What's Happening on Ithaki 2007
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Around the Villages - Summer Lodown 2007
See what's happening around the island villages from May to October. Parties, festivals, concerts and general fun from Vathy, Anoghi, Perahori, Dexa, Lefki, Stavros, Polis, Exoghi, Platrithia, Ag. Sarantas, Afales, Lahos, Frikes Raxi and Kioni. You won't miss a thing on ithacagreece.com
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May Day and the beginning of the online Summer on Ithaca for 2007. It actually feels like Summer never ended at all. We had a mild winter. With Easter early this year, coinciding with Christian Easter, we have just rushed forward into this years season at full steam. Local predictions for the Summer are that the weather will be very hot and that lots and lots of visitors will spend their holidays on Ithaca. To start, we wish all the Ithacans colliding with tourism, a prosperous season, and all the tourists colliding with Ithacans, a traditional and worthwhile holiday they will remember with fondness. Drink from the Kalamos Spring in Kolieri to return again and again to Ithaki or drink at Spavento, Mylos or Karamela Bars to be too drunk to even leave. So here's to a serious good and safe time this Summer, keeping the beaches rubbish free, the Vathy hospital empty and cigarette buts in the ashtray and not burning down the island. Drive safely and considerately and keep your children off the roads. Each summer there is more traffic and each summer there are close calls. When on holiday, remember real life travels with you.
Tue 1 May - It's May Day, a public holiday, an excuse to take the entire weekend off, and so many people arrived on the island, having excercised their right to do just that. Tour Operators now fly into Cephalonia again which means Ithakis solitary landscapes will again be dotted with the colour of the world as people from all over visit the Odyssey Isle to experience the magic and lure this mythological rock in the Ionian holds.
Left and below left - The view from Aetos in the south of Ithaca. If you think the colour of the sea is too aqua to resist, you'd be right. Beaches today, were strewn with enthusiastic swimmers, getting their feet wet for the first time this year.
Below - Each time the weather bureau predicts rain, we see these jet streams in the skies above Ithaca the day prior to the predicted rain. They start off as narrow strips, but instead of dissipating, they expand to make cloud formations. Something spookey in the skies, now that this is becoming a habit.
Spring time goes head on toward Summer  
Wed 2 May - It won't be long now before the green fields and wild flowers around Ithaki wilt and disappear. The green, green grass will brown under the sun and even the goats will find it too prickly to chew on. May is snake time, so it's boots and a big stick when walking in high grass.
Fri 4 May - Frikes is looking really great these days, but for the next 10 days or so, there is a glitch. The road from Frikes to Marmakas is being cut from the mountain and the rock breaking is echoing around the village, driving everyone and sundry completely crazy. Yachts have been sailing in and then instantly being saling out again. It's been too much for the shop owners to handle. May isn't usually very busy, so when there are a few visitors to Frikes, the community would like them to stay a little longer than a few seconds.
Above - View from Stavros to Fikes Bay. Dreary skies over the past couple of days, but warmer than usual temps. Today a top of 29C. Who knows, in another 10 years we may be living on Ithaca, the tropical isle.
Ithaki theatre Group performance of 'Cuckoo' will be held this month at the Cultural Center in Vathy on 11, 12 and 13th May. If you understand a little Greek, come along and enjoy this funny comedy about philandering men.
Left - Isalos Cafe Bar is finally set up and going. Locals and visitors passed by all morning to see what's new in Frikes. Fresh sandwiches, made on the spot, were a big hit. A living room right on the bayside was another. The blue painted concrete, although not traditional Ithaki in style, distinguishes the small Cafe bar from its giant restaurant neighbours squeezing into it from the sides, but the intimate spot has a very friendly atmosphere and the food a fresh flavour. Excellent presentation too. Looks like Isalos will be to Cafe Bars, what Yefuri in Platrithia is to restaurants. Fresh and a little different to the norm.
Sun 6 May - Yes, there's been talk of ET3 TV on Ithaca, but until now there's been no proof. Yesterday however, there were more photo opportunities than you could poke a stick at. Photos of locals and tv personality, Marni Hatziemanuil, who is the Presenter of the Tourism and Culture program, Sunday in the Village on ET3. For more click here or on photo right.
Mon 7 May - Above - A visit to Anoghi, high up above the main road, it's like stepping back into the past. Behind the facade of tourism along the coast, the traditional Ithaki is alive and well in this mountain village with panoramic views across island and sea.






Above - Just one of the narrow roads leading around Raxi village, above Kioni.
Below - A Sunday afternoon in Frikes. Taking it easy on a sultry day that surprised everyone with the heat and then a few drops of rain.
Above - Stavros boys, Yianni, Costa, Kimi and Illias stop for a drink at Fiorendinos Bar in Frikes. Left - The usual suspects at Rementzo restaurant.
Above Left - Oz from Kikis Mini Market, hams it up. Above center - Mr. President of Frikes, Nikos Douglas, sets up The Gods Gift shop with a smile. Above Right - Fredo and cheesecake at Isalos Cafe Bar - Getting to know the new kids on the Frikes block.
Tue 8 May - Above - Vathy waitresses clear up to keep the Square looking great in Vathy.
Above - Peter from Fiorendino Bar always takes the time to pose for a shot. He and brother Dini bring Frikes alive after midnight.
May is pretty quiet so far. The lack of Tour Operator groups on the island is making their absence very conspicuous. Looks like we'll have to entertain ourselves.
Left - Boy from Lefki (rien Post - Grill man, Tattoo guru, cat person) and boy from Stavros (cousin to Nek, photographer of tall buildings in a single bound) unite over a fascinating photo on a friends mobile phone. It's got to be something very appealing to extract such attention out of these two. What is it? It's a very fast motorbike. (Don't ask what sort, I only know it's yellow.)
Right - Newbie Jessica shares a joke with newbie Neil at Isalos Cafe Bar in Frikes, but I guess anything is funny after a few shots of tequila and some rounds of beer. Jessica worked at spavento in Kioni for a few years, then moved to Athens working as an Editor and has now returned to Ithaki to open her own Cafe Bar. On Ithaca, it's no secret that Jessica is closely related to a Web Mrs. (Moi) Yes, folks, this is ithacagreece.coms daughter.
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