What's Happening on Ithaki 2007
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Around the Villages - Summer Lodown 2007
See what's happening around the island villages from May to October. Parties, festivals, concerts and general fun from Vathy, Anoghi, Perahori, Dexa, Lefki, Stavros, Polis, Exoghi, Platrithia, Ag. Sarantas, Afales, Lahos, Frikes Raxi and Kioni. You won't miss a thing on ithacagreece.com
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Tue 14 Aug - The ferry from Lefkada has always come into Frikes during the Summer, but this year it doesn't just bring the people, it's bringing traffic jams and havoc to the streets of the village.
On a clear day like today, Anoghi has some spectacular views from the upper village, in fact, even the drive there makes you drop your jaw in awe. Tonight the village will be splitting at the seams with the Festival. The Anoghi Square is already filled with the plastic chairs that do the rounds this time of year.
Wed 15 Aug - Tonight, the last of the Big Panighiri happens in Platrithia in northern Ithaki. It marks the 'almost' end of the hectic season and the return of many Greeks back to their homes on the Mainland, tourists too, seem to thin a bit after this date, although there is still one Panighiri ahead in September at Kathara Monastry.
Anoghi Panighiri
Last night, Anoghi shed its sleepy skin with its annual Panighiri. What a great night! Yes, you hear that phrase often, but it really was alot of fun. The setting under the tower is magical and the good cheer of the people, awesome. The band hit the heights and the village its peak as Ithacans and visitors partied together under a starlit sky.
Once nightfalls, there will be no through traffic in Anoghi. The Panighiri will take over every square inch of asphalt for seating and dancing.
Thu 16 Aug - Left - What do the locals do in Exoghi? Well, they too meet at the Cafenion. It may be closed, but the Cafenion still gives a good view to who's coming into the village and provides a place for the old locals to meet and chat the morning away. For those in the 'know', the Cafe can be opened for a cool drink.
Platrithia Panighiri
Wednesday 15th August 2007
The Platrithia Panighiri was a little strange this year. Yes, there were many more people than other years, but everyone seemed a little lack lustre. The hyped and peaking Panighiri band was nowhere to be found, in its place was a keyboard with drum machine, a guitar and a lonely bouzouki. The only mainstay was Yiannis Andrianatos on vocals some of the night. There was eventually some Kefi, but it didn't show itself until around 2am.
The villages are a little quiet this morning. Looks like everyone has been Panaghiried out. There's been so much to do over the past month that even the visitors are thinking of a quiet night in.
Fri 17 Aug - Above - The Platrithia Square looking a little smaller now that all the Panighiri people have gone. Right - Pretty boats in the harbour.
Sat 18 Aug - BIG car with BIG boat on SMALL road holds up traffic at ferry time in Frikes. Frustration brings woman to direct traffic.
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