What's Happening on Ithaki 2007
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Around the Villages - Summer Lodown 2007
See what's happening around the island villages from May to October. Parties, festivals, concerts and general fun from Vathy, Anoghi, Perahori, Dexa, Lefki, Stavros, Polis, Exoghi, Platrithia, Ag. Sarantas, Afales, Lahos, Frikes Raxi and Kioni. You won't miss a thing on ithacagreece.com
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Sun 19 Aug - Grapevines are lushing up the villages around Ithaki at this time of the season and seem to be bearing fantastic fruit this year. End of August and September is grape time on Ithaca. Locals will feast on the grapes and make their own wine. Left - This Exoghi grape vine gives shade, makes the village look pretty and will bear some sweet fruit.
Mon 20 Aug - Above - Looking down on the Varka region of Stavros, from the upper regions of Stavros
Left - Stavros on the left, Exoghi above, Platrithia in the middle and Lahos to the right, with a misty view across to Lefkada from the road to Anoghi.
Left - Aghia Marina church stands proud as the center point of Exoghi village in the mountains above Platrithia. Since the bends in the road to this village have been mended and in some cases, widened, the trip to this village has become a pleasant experience once again. Below - Vathys' horseshoe bay always looks very pretty lit up at night. The many restaurants around the bay are some of the most popular places to dine, but there are also nice places in the backstreets for some great Greek kitchen.
Tue 21 Aug - Now that the peak of August is subsiding a little, the streets are quieter mid-afternoon around the northern and southern villages. Nights are still quite hectic, but midday and afternoons are much more relaxed, as witnessed on the faces of all the business owners around the island.
The Blue Ionian ithaca
Above - Dusk in Kioni where the harbour is filled with yachts and boats, docked for the night, before they head off to other Ionian destinations.
Wed 22 Aug - Above - Yachts lined up around the little isle of Lazareto in Vathy. It's not often you see this scene. Usually Lazareto islet floats alone in the middle of Vathy bay, but this morning it was inhabited by the sea-faring who visit Ithaca as part of an Ionian tour by sea. Lazareto has had various uses, from a prison to stage.
Below - The local Papas (Priest) plays a very integral part in the Ithaki community. He is both friend and mentor, advisor and confidant. As the Papas sits on the bench outside the Sotiris church in Stavros, many in the community pass by to speak with him.
Thu 23 Aug - Left - Grapes are coming along nicely. Soon locals from all over the island will be making their local wines, some of which will be available from some of the restaurants on Ithaki next year.
Fri 24 Aug - Above Right and Right - Stavros in the early evening is a time for family around the church and the village square. Now that Ithaca is in the midst of another heatwave, it's the best time to take the children to the park, do the shopping and to enjoy the evening breeze.
Mon 27 Aug - Above and Right - Early yesterday evening a mild cool change swept across the island. The skies looked a bit spooky, but the black clouds that rolled over each and every mountain top on the island looked worse than the weather they brought with them. The rolling sky was made up of heat mist and maybe a little smoke from the fires that were burning furiously around Ithakis Ionian neighbourhood. By midnight, the skies were evident again. Below - An eerie early morning light over the bay at Aetos in the south of the island.
Sat 25 Aug - Above - The Kioni windmills under the golden light of the setting sun. Left - The staff at Spavento Bar in Kioni have a quiet half hour to stock up, clean up and prepare before the next rush of customers. Below - One of the beautiful old traditional houses in Kioni.
Ithaca the villages the sights the beaches the hillsides the baysides
Today the streets feel a little quieter. It's said that many departed our pristine shores yesterday. There is a sense of end. The skies were mostly blue, but there was still mist over the peaks as above Perahori. Below - the Perahori triangle as seen from Vathy.
Above - Afales Bay from the road to Exoghi
Wed 29 Aug - Above and Below Left - Aetos Bay with the browning mountains behind. The sun-scorched foliage has been suffering in the heat radiated this Summer Season on Ithaca. Ithaca is looking more like the 'Sunburnt Country' than the Sunburnt Country.
The Chapel at the peak of Exoghi now imposed upon by Mobile towers.
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