What's Happening on Ithaki 2007
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Around the Villages - Summer Lodown 2007
See what's happening around the island villages from May to October. Parties, festivals, concerts and general fun from Vathy, Anoghi, Perahori, Dexa, Lefki, Stavros, Polis, Exoghi, Platrithia, Ag. Sarantas, Afales, Lahos, Frikes Raxi and Kioni. You won't miss a thing on ithacagreece.com
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Fri 29 June - Stavros isn't on any bayside, so this northern village gets a little left out during the Ithacan summer where most of the action takes place near the water in the restaurants and cafes on the bay, but for those who love this village, it's the best place to be for real people and real Ithacan traditions. Margarita Cafe and Bar for great snacks and a friendly local atmosphere, Yiannis and Fatouros Tavernas where you can eat Greek or eat Pizza and little further up the road, Polyphemus.

Right - The cement was steaming in Vathy during the past weeks heatwave, where it was 42C in the shade and around 45C everywhere else. The entire island and its inhabitants wilted in the heat. If the weather hadn't changed yesterday, Ithacans would have been a sorry lot. It was too hot for too long. Isn't Australia supposed to be the sun burnt country?

Vathy Sizzling in the heat
Sat 30 June - Left - Kioni Bay, one of the popular holiday destinations in the Ionian.
It's 3pm and things are looking pretty relaxed around Frikes, northern Ithaca. At Fiorendinos there's football on, at Isalos, the internet keeps visitors in touch with their families back home, at Rementzo, Nektarios is saving his voice for tonight, Stathi from Penelope scoops up the afternoon day trippers in town for a short 30 minutes, Aphrodite from Piperato Grill is cleaning the kitchen and at Porto Frikes Hotel, there's a quiet calm before the storm. Yes, on this lazy afternoon, Frikes is looking pretty relaxed. Sometimes there are more cats than people, but today, even the cats are lazing along the shore front, too hot and bothered to scrounge scraps from the few diners around the restaurants. Maybe they know there'll be a feast tonight when the Frikes Panighiri kicks off the Summer season with a big bang. If you're lucky enough to be here, don't miss this opportunity to drink, eat and dance the night away. There'll be plenty for all and all it takes to make this a special Panighiri, is for you all to turn up.
Besides the tried and trusted Frikes locals, there are also some from the distant capital of Vathy in town, such as Hara and Niko (above left) from Liberty Restaurant on the bay in Vathy. They've taken the 25 min journey to enjoy a lunch at Rementzo. So, today, Frikes will go from one extreme to the next - quiet and lazy day to party capital of Ithaki.
Frikes Panighiri
Saturday 30th June 2007
The Frikes Panighiri kicks off the Summer season of Festivals around Ithaca. This year the festival was organized by Yiannis Maroulis from Frikes, who did a great job of getting the festival up and going. For more pics of the night, click here or on photo - below left.
Mon 2 July - Right and Below Left - Krouvoulia, just outside Frikes toward Kioni. Clear waters good enough to swim and snorkel in, and that's just what everyone on the island is taking advantage of this time of year - sea, sun and lazing the day away at the beach. The Krouvoulia beaches are a favourite for locals and visitors alike.
Wed 4 July - Above - 20 or so minutes after the Superfast passes by the island, tidal waves hit the shore, rocking everything, including the ease of the afternoon. So will Frikes jetty ever get its corrective surgery?
Left - Anastasia and Steve get married. George and Spyridoula Coutsvelis, parents of the bride, and John and Peggy Palmer, parents of the groom, are happy to announce that Anastasia and Steve were married yesterday at the church in Platrithia, before friends and family. Most of this wedding party traveled from Melbourne Australia to be on ithaca, but the Coutsouvelis family relatives and friends from Ag. Sarantas, also came along to help celebrate this happy event. For more on this wedding, check back later.
Thu 5 July - Summer isn't just about sitting at the beach all day. In the villages, real life still goes on. There are dry-walls to maintain in Perahori, but when a backdrop is as scenic as the one below, working hard doesn't seem quite as hard. The summer heat mist makes the horizon a little murky, but looking down over the southern Ithaca is still quite something, even though the Summer atmosphere closes us in a little.
Fri 6 July - Below - Taxiahis. Most people who have passed through the area of Afales have deemed the area heaven on earth. Living here, you sometimes forget just how right these people are. Yesterday in the late afternoon, which in Greece is around 7pm, I walked around the area under Taxiahis church in Platrithia, along a dirt road which led me through a thriving vineyard to a plateau overlooking Afales bay below and Lefkada in the distance. A cool sea breeze whisked up the cliff and rustled through the vine leaves behind me as I stood in awe of the beauty before me. I see Afales almost daily, yet this patch of Ithaki brought the magnificence of this area to me like a razor awareness. I wasn't looking for anything and I found paradise in an acre.
Sat 7 July - Right - Exhibition of Oil Paintings - Ithaca by Henrietta Stuart.
Gusty winds really churned up the sea today, but gave us crystal views, clear to the horizon. Left - Surf lapping at the shore at Dexa Beach in the south of Ithaca.
Artist, Henrietta Stuart, and husband David, have been staying on Ithace since April this year, and all the works painted by Henrietta and exhibited last night at Yefuri Restaurant in Platrithia, were painted on the island in the village of Ag. Sarantas, where Henrietta was inspired by the light and the changing landscape of the island. Henrietta and David are Brits living and working in France, but through friends, have settled well into the island long enough
for the inspiration to bear fruit. Within 1 hour, Henrietta had sold 3 of her works to local and visiting art lovers. The exhibition will continue through until Sunday 15th July. Andy Pappas, owner of Yefuri, served up his usual excellent fare fit for special occasions, with waiters circling the room with Yefuri tid bits, champaign and other refreshments.

Sun 8 July - Yesterday afternoon Frikes was roaring with anthems as South Africans and Australians gathered at Fiorendino Bar for the Rugby face-off between the 2 teams. Yachters docked in Vathy, sailed north just for the broadcast, and for a few hours, the usually quiet Saturday afternoon, was blasting out Rugby mania. When the Aussie team won, Fiorendino played "I come from the land down under' on volume 11, and the Australians, in their usual calm and quiet demeanor, congratulated eachother, while the South Africans sculked quietly back to where they came from.

Fiorendino Bar is quickly gaining a reputation for sports broadcasts all over the island, whether it be rugby, aussie rules football, soccer or tennis. It's a place for the sports minded to gather to enjoy the sports of their choice on a wide screen tv, and to have some fun to boot.

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