What's Happening on Ithaki 2007
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Ithaki General - Summer Lodown 2007
For all the news and gossip from around the island, check in on Ithaki General to stay up to date with all ... well, at least some, of what's going on from Vathy to Kioni and all the villages inbetween. All the unrelated bits and pieces will end up right here.
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A little controversy to begin with, when organizers of a childrens performance staked their ground at the Cultural Center which will interrupt rehearsals.
Tue 1 May - It's been awhile since Ithaki has seen a performance by its own Theatre Group. Last night the Ithaki Theatre Group met at the Cultural Center in Vathy for the rehearsal of 'Cuckoo', a comedy by French playwright, George Feudeaux. Director of the play is Stelios Sofos.
Ithaki Theatre Group - Alexandros Taflambas, Yiorgos Trivilas. Margarita Mihalopoulou Spyros Bouas, Masos Deftereos, Pistoula Marouli, Litsa Diamantatou, Tomi Dendrinou, Maria Kougianou, Yiorgos Kouvaras, Nina Papoulia, Zaharoula Fiapoli Karamitsou, Stavros Delaportas, Haris Drigiannos and Director - Stelios Sofos
Here's a sneak preview of the Cuckoo as it pulls together under the direction of Mr. Stelios Sofos.
Stelios Sofos led the group with a little tough love to get the best out of each performer. The late start to the rehearsal and a long day at the 'Day Job' had the actors noticeably tired, but when it came to playing their part, they livened up just nicely to give a good indication of Cuckoo
The energy put in by the individuals in the theatre Group, always amazes me. These are not actors and actresses waiting in the wings for a role to come along, but active, working members of Ithaca, who dedicate themselves to giving a little culture and fun to their community.
There is no pre madonna jealousy here. The Group members are supportive and helpful to eachother without any individual grand-standing.
Some fine-tuning
A little crazy love
Cuck oo in Vathi
It's been a big start to Ithaki General, and why not. The local scene deserves a little attention... or alot as the case may be. The Performance of 'Cuckoo' will be held around the middle of May, the date first decided on is also Eurovision night, a very popular night in front of the tele in Greece, so the final date is yet to be decided.
In other news, the Kioni restaurants and businesses, who open only for the Season, have been a little slow in starting up this year. It seems many in the northern community feel a bit disillusioned, with most of the Tour Operators who abandoning village accommodation in March, a little late for accommodation owners to organize themselves for bookings. Nice move. Luckily, Greek Islands Club, the first Operator in Kioni, is hanging on.
Frikes is looking pretty good these days. Nearly all the restaurants have wooden canopies now, a fresh coat of paint and some new outdoor furniture. Bemenis Bar is now Fiorendinos and Isalos Cafe Bar, right next door, is under new management. Piperto, the fast food souvlaki behind the bayside has undergone major kitchen renovations and is also looking mighty fine. The village businesses are still highly competitive with eachother, as every year, but despite envious ticks, the atmosphere of Frikes is always alot of fun with the unique interaction of the villagers.
Ithaca has gone through some major and positive changes with new health regulations giving a little push for better service and cleaner cafe bars and restaurants. Ithaca still has that traditional charm, but now it's also good for you. A survey a couple of years back had Greece at the bottom of the list when it came to clean restaurants and friendly service, but things have definitely been improving since then.
Wed 2 May - Today is ithacagreece.com Birthday. It has now surpassed the toddler stage. Thank you to all who have supported the site over the past few years. You will never know just how much it is appreciated. Without you all logging on and all the businesses around the island who continue to sponsor the site, I wouldn't be able to keep up the enthusiasm to update and maintain this monster child. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I'm blowing out the candles now.
Congratulations to Laki, Tina, Chris and Sydney Fotopoulos, who have a new baby boy to celebrate. Peter Andrew was born April 29th 2007 at 11:08pm 3.57 Kg (7.87 Lbs) 50 cm (19.6 Inches) Laki and Tina are well known to Vathy and in the north island during the Summer months, when they come for their annual holiday. Laki is an Ithacan from the USA and Tina, an Ithacan from Australia. They lived in the US for awhile, but have now settled in NSW OZ, where Tinas sister Andriana also lives. Drop in on Lakis family at the Ithaki Yacht Club Restaurant in Vathy. Bring a cigar.
Thu 3 May - Right - Sofia and Agelos Koutavas are back on the island to open their business AGS Cars. For the winter this family live in Cephalonia, where Agelos is from, but from May to October their home is on Ithaca. We caught up with them getting ready for the Season with some cleaning and pc maintenance.
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ET3 (TV station) is in town for their Summer in the Village special to be aired nationally in the near future. The Tv crew go from island to island filming the culture and local sites. This week it's Ithakis turn. If you're on the island, look out for some 'showing off Ithaki style' for the cameras on Saturday or Sunday in the Vathy Square. I've had some people tell me Saturday, others tell me Sunday. Go both days, Vathy isn't a bad place to hang around in anyway.

Fri 4 May - ET3 will be filming in Vathy on Saturday 11am in the square. There'll be food and music by the Ithaki Choir. Want to get on Greek tv? then I'll see you there. Seems Alpha TV and Rai from Italy are also gracing our shores. Are there more Soaps on the horizon for Ithaki? One never knows.

The next Council meeting, date not finalized as yet, but could be next week, will be held in Kioni. If you are interested in knowing what decisions are being made about Ithaki, then go along to show your face. Not a lot of fun, but a good place to start when wanting to be informed about what's going on in the community and the policies undertaken by the Council for this community. For date details, check the notice board at the Council offices in Vathy.

There's a whole lotta noise going on in Frikes while a road is being cut from the mountain. If you are musical, just pretend there's a drummer in the village, make up a tune in your head and dance to the rhythms of breaking rock. It's alot more enjoyable than thinking up schemes to eradicate the noise, all of which are illegal. The business community got together today to find a way to stop the road during this holiday Season, but they were assured that the noise would end in around 10 days, and were asked to be patient until then. It's all good and well, but the business owners are asking - who will reimburse them for money lost while visitors go elsewhere to escape the constant aural battering. Seems you just can't get away from Greek tradition. Roads are traditionally made during the Summer all over Greece, not just here, and that's just the way it is. So, if you're passing through Frikes, don't drive on, stop and say hi to the locals who are tearing their hair out in frustration. They'll feel a whole lot better with a little company from you.

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