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Ithaki General - Summer Lodown 2007
For all the news and gossip from around the island, check in on Ithaki General to stay up to date with all ... well, at least some, of what's going on from Vathy to Kioni and all the villages inbetween. All the unrelated bits and pieces will end up right here.
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Fri 11 May - Above - A little private Mavrona after-party at Spavento Bar in Kioni. Yiorgos, one of the organizers of the festival and owner of Spavento turns up the music (Greek music to boot, music never heard inside these walls usually) brings out the percussion instruments collected over the years and gets down to it with a couple of Kioni boys. See what happens when you drink too much church wine.

Above Right - Poppy from Rementzo and Katrina from Creative Ithaki are being used as props for a series of photographs for Greece Magazine UK. Why you ask? Well, it seems Greece Magazine is doing a spread on the Top 10 best places to breakfast in Greece, and the new kids on the block, Isalos Cafe Bar in Frikes, is one of the selected lucky ones. Seems Jessicas pancakes (as seen above) have cut the mustard. The best part of the photo session was we got to eat the edible props, the pancakes, not the girls, afterwards, and it's agreed - YUM! Jessicas' Isalos Cafe Bar is just one of the best places on Ithaca to breakfast (as far as Greece Magazine is concerned). There is also another Cafe a little further up the road in Stavros. Which one? You'll have to wait and see. Check this page next Monday for the lodown.

If Greece Magazine wasn't enough excitement for Jessica at Isalos Cafe Bar yesterday, Kate from Lonely Planet also dropped in for a sandwich, strawberry smoothie and a chat, gathering more info for Lonely Planets' Ithaki section. If you think all this attention may go to Jessicas head, don't you worry, July and August will soon plant her feet back firmly on the ground...and make them ache, as will everyone elses feet, who walk the tourist mile during the high season.

Don't forget the Play 'Cuckoo' is on at the Cultural center in Vathy on Saturday 12, Sunday 13 and Monday 14. Doors open 9pm. The who's who of Ithaki are acting in this presentation about womanizing men and gullible women. Even if you only understand a little Greek, come along to see the people you know, acting up. Great Ithacan style entertainment.

Sun 13 May - Above - Little Anna-Maria with her mum Lee-ann take it easy over a morning coffee yesterday in Frikes. Mum and daughter say hi to all their family overseas.
Over the past few days, the night skies have been filled with the brightest and most brilliant stars. It's been worth moving around the island in a horizontal position.
Above - Ever heard of hypnotizing a fly? Well, here it is. A fly being hypnotized on the knee cap of a builder Brit who has the knack with the insects. The fly was so relaxed after its session, all its childhood problems and insecurity issues resolved, that even after the therapy, it didn't want to fly off again to the nearest rubbish pile.
Last night was the opening night for Ithaki Theatre Group production of 'Cuckoo'. The villages in the north were quiet as many headed down to Vathy for the Premier of this play. By all accounts, a successful and great night for the Theatre Group and the Ithaki community. Cuckoo continues for 2 more nights, tonight and Monday night. ithacagreece will head down on the last night for some pics and opinions. Not so good was Greeces' addition to Eurovision, the other big event on the Ithaca Calendar. Flip Flop. Yia Sou Maria.
Mon 14 May - Above - Congratulations to Ester from Island Walks, who celebrated her birthday yesterday. Ester and Rien are on the Argos Foundation committee and started ithaki Cats earlier this year.
Right - Odysseas Cafe on the corner of the village Square in Vathy. The locals coffee hangout on a Monday morning, Tuesday morning, Wednesday morning.... At Odysseas Cafe you don't even need to order. If you're a local, the minute you sit down, your preferred beverage is on the table in seconds. Below - Monday morning also means shopping. Aargh.
Thur 17 May - Right - Bloodbaths in religion, politics and war are not unusual, but a music bloodbath is almost unheard of, except at a Meanies gig maybe. Click here or on photograph left for more on The Bar Room Brawl Ithaki Style.

Internet access with carriers other than Ote are out of action all around the island this past week, leaving businesses and locals without the needed access. Seems big father Ote is teaching his children a little lesson in obedience by cutting off line and modem supply. The independent carriers are floating dead in the water and users are left to twiddle their thumbs while they wait for Ote to retract its fangs so the little ones can do business again. As usual its the consumer who suffers, but who cares about them, once they've signed you up and have your cash in hand, good service is just a formality.

Tonight there's a Council meeting in Kioni at the disused primary school on the old road. My guess is there'll be some lively discussion on events and works around the island this past month.

Above - Marina from Sirens Restaurant (Ithaki Yacht Club) Vathy, and the Ithaki Choir says hi to her son Laki and family in Australia.
While roads to nowhere are being made, roads to somewhere are being neglected. An accident on the narrow road through Aetos saw a young Kioni woman crash with an oncoming car. The road is too narrow for 2 cars and with the bend, visibility was low leaving no time to slow down. Widening the main road of Ithaca in some places, if only even by 1 meter, would make everyone safer on the road. There are scrapings and near misses every day. On the subject of accidents - if trucks, buses and petrol heads don't slow down, there will be tragedy this year.
Above - Bemenis is taking it very easy these days. Just look how relaxed he looks. He's left the Bar business to Pete and Dini who don't care about fishing.
Below - The old hotel in Frikes which belongs to the inheritors of the late Poet Stathis Raftopoulos, last year became Porto Frikes Ouzerie. Well old Babbi has sold the business just after a little over 1 year and now the new owners are hurrying to catch up with the season by giving the old hotel a good old 'once over', although it will probablly need a few more than that to have it ready for business. No idea what they plan to do yet, but a webpage has been commissioned, so we'll find out soon. Eating and drinking will no doubt be involved.
Sat 19 May - Above - The Ithaki Council heads to the villages. This time it was Kionis turn. Some of the ssues discussed were - Zoning for Kioni. The Pier in Frikes. Money owed to the EU. Kioni Water Supply - colour and safety. Musical chairs in the Bars and Cafes. Below - Panos and Tasos watch the meeting from outside the old school in Kioni. In Greece it's the non smokers that stand outside.
Left - Yes folks, it's that time of year again when the police force from elsewhere comes to the island to hand out tickets for parking and every other misdemeanor. Vathy got the first swipe yesterday morning. Not a car along the bayside was left un-ticketed. If you're driving around have your insurance, registration and identification papers with you (Greek law), wear your seatbelt (good idea) wear your helmet (even better idea) don't speed (not one of the things you get picked up for but I'd prefer you didn't) Don't drink and drive (another thing you don't get picked up for, but should be)

For something a little serious now. Seems Sea Airlines are taking bookings despite knowing they can not fulfill their commitment. People who have booked flights have been rung by the company at short notice to be informed that the plane is in Switzerland and will not be making a run in June, or at least until mid June. The unfortunate people who had booked are now left with half baked travel arrangements which some can now not proceed with, due to the connection from Corfu to Ithaca for instance. Buyer beware.

Getting online on Ithaca has been again hampered by a very lacking Otenet service. Not only are some of the indepent carriers offline due to a dispute with the company, but Otenets own lines are in serious overload. Try connecting 50 times before you get a connection. It's no fun. It's no fun anyway, considering that most on the island don't have ADSL. From memory I think about 10 people have it in Vathy, but that's it. ithacagreece.com has started a petition to have ADSL in the north island. If you are a resident in one of the northern villages you can add your name to petitions at Isalos Cafe, Kikis Mini market, Rementzo and Symposium in Frikes and Spavento Bar in Kioni. If you're desperate to connect and have had alot of trouble, try connecting early in the morning or after midnight.

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