What's Happening on Ithaki 2007
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Who's Here - Summer Lodown 2007
All the faces of summer on Ithaca. Visitors, ex-pats, the curious, the accidental, the transitory, the adventurers, the sailers, the backpackers, the walkers, the runners, the swimmers, the honeymooners, the retirees, the artists, the poets, the beautiful and the ugly. Faces from all over the world come to this small island and can end up on who's here for the world to see.
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This year Summer Lodown, Who's Here, should have started at Easter. New faces have been moving through the island since then. May traditionally sees Walking and Artist groups strolling wide-eyed around Ithaki streets and senior travelers who prefer this time of year for the milder/cooler temperatures. Tourists in May enjoy the natural aspects of Ithaki with the extra benefit of getting to know the locals better, something difficult to do during the mid Summer rush. May has a community spirit easily participated in by visitors, even on their first visit to the island and it's what many visitors find most charming about our little rock in the Ionian. This year on Who's Here, we hope to capture the usual mix of wonderful expressions and characteristics of the people who choose Ithaki for their holiday. Say 'Tirri'
Wed 2 May - Above - Our first official faces on Who's Here 2007. If you're a regular to Who's here, you'll recognize Patrick, Teresa and Katey Fitzgerald. They come to Ithaki each year with big smiles and happiness. Off the plane from South Africa, but Patricks roots stem from Italy and Kateys roots from Anoghi. The Fitzgeralds take to Ithaki like fish to water, no need to climatize.
Above - Visitors to the island stop along the road from Vathy to Lefki, to take in the views toward Cephalonia.
Below - Wendy is still travel moving after a 1300 km drive from the UK to Ithaki. If she and Dave (middle) last through a winter, they'll be in the locals section next year.
Above - Henrietta and Dave are settling in for a 3 month stay. they come to us from France.
Far Right - Tim is here from France and smiling because he's about to escape to Fiorendino Bar to watch the footy.
Fri 4 May - May is the time for walking on the island, so it's no surprise that walking groups are now landing on our shores. Seems no matter where you look, there are people in walking boots on Ithakis tracks and roads. The noticeably missing this May are visitors who travel with Tour Operator companies. Seems like the operators are losing their flavour a bit.
Sun 6 May - Below - Akis Vasilopoulos is in Greece trying to sort out a passport, but being a traveler of the world, he has little proof as to where he belongs so he's taking his camera and moving to Paris to plant roots.
Thu 3 May - Yes folks, the boats are coming into Vathy. The village is absolutely buzzing around the bayside edges as the yacht crews and guests search through every crevice of the village to find exciting things to put into their travel diaries.
Above - L - R - Daniel, James, David Carr and Gaye Gadsden. This family has been traveling around for the past 5 weeks or so, from Rome, through Naples, Sicily, then to Brindisi and Ithaca. A few days in Vathy, a week in Frikes and back to Vathy for another week. When their 6 weeks are up, Gayle and Daniel return to the Dandenongs from where they came, but David is taking son James for a trip to Egypt before they return home.
Tue 8 May - Left - Willy is an Englishman living in France and drinking in Greece (with a little help from his mate, Tim). Willy is leaving the shores of Ithaca this coming Sunday, after 2 months on the island getting to know the locals and the villages. We caught up with him at Isalos Bar in Frikes on a non-football night. If there was football, Willy and mate Tim, would have been next door at Fiorendinos Bar. Before he becomes part of the furniture, he thinks he better escape. Will he be back? Maybe with his wife and daughters the next time.
Below Left - Clare and Chris are long time visitors to Ithaca, twice per year, May and October, for the last ten years. They are on Ithaca from the UK. Clare is a nurse and husband Chris is retired. They stay in Lahos, in an old restored stone house which they love, and return to each visit. We caught up with them at Rementzo, after their evening meal.
Above - Clare and Chris from the UK
Thu 10 May - Right - Mel and Paul, the long time sailors from Wales, just dropped in quickly to say hello to all their friends on Ithaca. This year they're selling their boat, so need to be based elsewhere, but it's not the last we'll see of them, they plan to be back next year with a new boat. You can't keep a good sailor down and you can't keep an Ithaca lover away. Happy sailing. Cheers to all.











Fri 11 May - May on Ithaca wouldn't be the same without the painting holiday groups coming to town. Satchels and watercolours make their way to the Nostos Hotel just outside Frikes, the popular accommodation for these groups, made up mainly of women.
In Kioni, it's the Flotillas that give life to the small bayside village in May. Lined up along the quay with masts clanking in the wind. It's the familiar sound of May. It's hard to pry these yachters from their yachts, but dinner time usually gets them moving to where their noses lead them.
Left - Vagelis usually comes to Ithaca during July or August, but this year May tempted him away from Athens and onto our rock in the sun. It is his first May on ithaca and he's thoroughly enjoying it. Great weather, clear views and good times with his Ithacan friends
Tim and Willy, the builder Brits, have not only become part of the furniture in northern Ithaca, they've also made some of it.
Sun 13 May - The builder Brits - Tim and Willy - Add your own caption here. Their time on Ithaca is up, but it's going to take them 3 days to say goodbye. Dinner at Rementzo, a drink at the Orange bar, another drink at Isalos, dinner at Yefyri and then the orange bar and from there to the ferry early Monday.
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