What's Happening on Ithaki 2007
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Who's Here - Summer Lodown 2007
All the faces of summer on Ithaca. Visitors, ex-pats, the curious, the accidental, the transitory, the adventurers, the sailors, the backpackers, the walkers, the runners, the swimmers, the honeymooners, the retirees, the artists, the poets, the beautiful and the ugly. Faces from all over the world come to this small island and can end up on who's here for the world to see.
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Mon 14 May - Above - Chrisoula and Neil came for a day from Cephalonia where they work as English Language Tutors in Sami.
Right - Ad-Jan is the Dutch Tour Rep staying in Vathy this year.
The faces of Ithaca in Summer








Thur 17 May - Left - The bus tours are beginning to roll in now. The usual stop in Stavros for a myth and history lesson in front of the church, the Square with the Ionian Maps, and then off for a cake at Margarita Cafe before their next stop at the Stavros Museum.
Sat 19 May - Below - Yachties take in the sites of Ithaca while they rest out a stormy and rainy day in the Ionian. There's not much going on in regard to new faces on the island. Many come and go within hours. Tomorrow on Tour company changeover day, there may be a few more visitors to the island to capture and save. For now, it's slim pickings.
Tue 22 May - Above Left and Middle - Sara and Sharon from indiaworldshopping.com No wonder these two are smiling all the time. They're draped in cashmere with a conscience. Sharon and Sara come to Ithaca from the UK where they run a little import business from India and Nepal. Above Right - Michael is also here from the UK , taking a week or so off his busy schedule to enjoy his piece of paradise in Lahos.
Above - Walkers hike the stone paths of Vathy. Serious walking sticks in hand. Left - Brandon from SA is back again this year, but this time he's getting acquainted with May. Brandon's taking it easy and enjoying it, getting up his strength for Summer when there's so much to do and so little time. Right - The gypsies throw their kids (this one's pretty cute) into the street to hone their craft - getting money out of whoever's got it. This little boy is already earning a fortune.
The boys are back in town
Wed 23 May - When these big boys from Austria roll into town, they do it the BIG way, Harleys roaring and bellies bulging ready to gorge in the harty delights of Penelopes Restaurant (Steves Place) in Frikes. Their machines come with everything but the kitchen sink, but their pride is in the stereo system. It rivals the best of them, including the ear drum pounding stereo of Fiorendinos Bar right next door. Bear hugs and tongue kisses (wasn't prepared for that one, let me tell you), big Austrian accents and most importantly, at least for Stathi (Steve), big raging appetites. Left to right - Ferdinand, Florian, Stathi and Otmar. Their names mightn't be too butch, but when they move, I'm reminded of Fe fi fo fum...
wed ding bells on itha ca in may for uk regu lars
Thu 24 May - Left - John and Jill from Cheshire in the UK, invited family and friends to the island for their Ithacan wedding this past week. As a thank you to the friends they've made during their regular trips to Ithaki, they included everyone they knew on the island in some way into their wedding process. Maria and Makis from Margarita in Stavros made the cake, Nek and Dimitri form Piccolo in Vathy, made the post wedding buffet and so on and so on. Not only spreading the love, but the wealth.
Congratulations to John, Jill and families
Sat 26 May - Above - Ithacan and ithacagreece.com regulars Jeffrey and Fran from the UK, have been back for their annual holiday in Kioni, and as last year, we caught up with them at Yefuri in Platrihtia, just hours before they get on the boat to leave.
Above - Anne Denny and Roy are also staying in Kioni. This is Annes 14th visit to the island and Roys 7th. Anne first came through a painting holiday, but since then has made many friends and returns because she loves Ithaca as we all do (except for the ones that don't of course)
Thu 31 May - Right - Regular visitors to Ithaca, Doug and Pam Palmer relax with a cool drink at Margarita Cafe in Stavros after a full day of holidaying.
Mon 28 May - Nose deep in a map of the island in the middle of the road in Frikes, may be the fastest way to get to Kioni... on the bonnet of a speeding car that is.
Wed 30 May - Below - Sue and Mike, new residents of Kioni, show Brigitte (in the middle), Sues sister, the sights of Ithaki. It's Brigittes first time to Ithaca, so there's alot to get through. Brigitte is here from the UK where she works as a secondary school teacher.
Left - Day Trippers get out the binoculars as they do a drive by Frikes. This ferry barely slowed down as it hugged the pier side for its passengers to get a quick, and I mean quick, look at another quaint village in the Ionian.
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