What's Happening on Ithaki 2007
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Who's Here - Summer Lodown 2007
All the faces of summer on Ithaca. Visitors, ex-pats, the curious, the accidental, the transitory, the adventurers, the sailors, the backpackers, the walkers, the runners, the swimmers, the honeymooners, the retirees, the artists, the poets, the beautiful and the ugly. Faces from all over the world come to this small island and can end up on who's here for the world to see.
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Fri 1 June - Above - Dutch walkers head to the hills with Ester from Lefki at the helm. From bayside Kioni to Anoghi and back to Kioni again via yet another path. May and June is the time of year for walkers.
Right - This little specimen is always here on the island, but it seems this lizard was getting packed and ready to travel from isalos Cafe Bar in Frikes to Lefki in Jessicas jacket. Even lizards look to where the grass is greener.
Sun 3 June - Right - At this time of year we see many with their walking boots on coming to the island to enjoy the roads and tracks around Ithaca.
Below - James and Carol from Christchurch in New Zealand enjoy a chat with Jessica from Isalos in Frikes. James and Carol were intrigued by the mythology of Ithaki and after reading the Odyssey, had to come to see the island up close. These two are avid walkers, who yesterday, walked from Frikes to Stavros to Anoghi to Kioni and then back to Frikes. Next hike is to Cave of the Nymphs above Dexa Bay near Vathy. Work those calves.
Sat 2 June - Left - Connie is here from Florida in the US and seen here with her good friend Niko from Alpha Bike and Car Hire. Connie is one of the welcomed part-time locals who lives in Ag. Ioannis when on Ithaca. Although she is a regular visitor to ithacagreece.com and Ithaca, it's Connies first time on one the these pages.
Wed 6 June - Above - It's not only visitors from abroad you come to Ithaki, but also fishermen from Patras. This particular fisherman came with a few friends, and after they had eaten the fish they caught, put on a musical night at Rementzo in Frikes to say thanks to the cooks.
Above - L - R - Pat, Cameron, Elizabeth, Daniel, Terry and David, here from Stockport and Birmingham in the UK. Pat, Cameron and Terry have been coming to Ithaki for many, many years, but their friends are complete newbies. This group couldn't escape the camera even if they'd wanted to, they as everyone else in Vathy, got trapped under the tarpaulin when the sky opened up to release a torrential force down-pour.
To see what this fisherman got up to at Rementzo Restaurant last night, check Around the Villages Pg 4.
Thu 7 June - Below left - Alma and Councilor Paul Richardson are here from the UK and staying in Vathy.
Their first visit to Ithaki was via Kioni, when their Day Tripper broke down and they were happily stuck here. Their accidental meeting with Ithaca lingered long enough for them to want to spend their holiday here. Paul and Alma would have been driving around, taking in the sights, but unfortunately their Tour Operator informed them there was no car hire on the island, so Paul didn't bother to bring his drivers licence. There's plenty of cars to hire. Bit of a cheek really isn't it? Apparently, as stated in the many letters to this site, there is no ferry service to Ithaca either, that's if you believe travel agents, tour companies and Cephalonians. Hopefully the Richardsons will return again, and this time, with their drivers licence securely in their hand luggage, so they can get to see more of the beautiful scapes and vistas of ithaca.
Sun 10 June - Above - Costa Raftopoulos from Brisbane visits his roots in Frikes.
Above - Manuella and Gherardo are feasting it up in Frikes on holiday from Italy. Right - Dina and Dan are here from Bournmouth UK. They've been pleasantly surprised by Ithaki and believe it's the nicest place they've been to in Greece so far. We caught up with them snacking and drinking at Isalos in Frikes.
Mon 11 June - Above Left - Brandons brother Ben is on Ithaca for the first time. Brandons history with the island is years old, he came here for the first time when he was 16, but it's taken Ben a little longer to discover his Ithacan roots. Ben loves what he's seen so far, and why not, he's getting the Royal Tour from his proud to be 'almost ithacan' brother. Above Right - Judith and Neville Thompson are no strangers to the island, they've holidayed on Ithaca at regular intervals. This 'happy to be alive' couple have walked the breadth of the island, even from Kioni to Vathy, now that deserves a big medal and at minimum, a good cold drink.
Wed 13 June - Right - Janet and Paul are here from the UK for their fourth visit to Ithaca. Their first time they stayed in Vathy, but the lure of the north captured them and since then have stayed in Kioni and Lahos. We caught up with them just before they made their escape on the boat they hired from Kioni.
Left - Rhys and Jackie. These two are straight off the plane from Athens and off the boat onto Ithaca, and are thrilled to be here. It's Rhys' first time to Greece. 'It's like stepping into a postcard' he said. Jackie has been to Ithaca a few times now and has been counting down the days to soak up all the island has on offer. After 9 hours on a plane from South Africa and then another days' travel from Athens, you'd think these two would be ready to hit the sack, but no, they took just enough time to put their bags into their rooms before heading to the nearest beach. Now that's enthusiastic. If you're thinking they look like a nice couple, wait just a moment. Jackies husband and children will be joining them on Ithaca soon. Rhys is along for the ride to help with some manly duties.
Left - Gordon and Kathy are supreme lovers of Ithaca. It's here they find the relaxation they can't get back in Leeds UK. They admit they have traveled through much of Greece, but there's something about Ithaki that just keeps them wanting to come back. ithacagreece.com wishes them some lucky numbers to make their dream of coming more often, come true.
Thu 14 June - Below Left - The Rough Guide comes to town again. Nick always drops in to say hello when on his update mission for the Rough Guide. This year it's for the Greece book, next year it will be for the Ionian book. Nick is one of the travel writers who makes his way around the world to inform all of us the where, how and why of independent traveling around the world. He always has some great stories to tell and some interesting insights into Greek tourism. Nick noticed that this year the numbers were down for the Ionian and nowhere was it more prominent than in Corfu, where accommodations are giving rooms away for 5 - 10 euro per night. Before you pack and head to Corfu, remember, Ithaca is nicer.
Nick shares a few drinks and laughs with some of the locals, Katrina from Creative Ithaki and Niko from The Gods gift shop. Tomorrow he's off to Cephalonia and then Zakynthos.

Look who's eating on Ithaca

Fri 15 June - Below - A snap happy group from the UK indulge themselves in the oral pleasures of a Greek feast at Kalkanis Taverna in Vathy. L - R - Jean, Steve, Harry, Chris, Carol, John and Liz took the opportunity to get some happy snaps of their dinner party from every camera at the table. I was happy to do the honours considering they were happy to be included on Who's here. It just goes to show that not all the fun happens on the bayside, there's good food and fun to be had behind the shoreline also and this group were realy making the most of it. They come to Ithaca from Nottingham, Stoke and Newcastle.

Thu 21 June - Above - Stephen is one of the regular faces in Summer on Ithaca. He's an Ithacan born in South Africa and living in Athens, where he's finishing off his Economics Degree.
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