What's Happening on Ithaki 2007
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Who's Here - Summer Lodown 2007
All the faces of summer on Ithaca. Visitors, ex-pats, the curious, the accidental, the transitory, the adventurers, the sailors, the backpackers, the walkers, the runners, the swimmers, the honeymooners, the retirees, the artists, the poets, the beautiful and the ugly. Faces from all over the world come to this small island and can end up on who's here for the world to see.
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Sat 14 July - Above Left - Nionio and Stephanie from the UK. Nionio was once an Ithacan local until he met a woman called Fiona with whom he had quite a few very clever and talented children, one of which is Stephanie. The last time Stephanie was on Ithaca, she was only a baby, now at 16, she gets acquainted with her Ithacan roots and is enjoying every minute of her stay on the island. Above Center - Teresa and young cousin Maria from Johannesburg. Teresa has been here for quite some time, but Maria is only here for 1 week. During her short stay Maria makes a habit of feeding all the cats, playing with puppies, going to the beach and enjoying vanilla ice-cream. Above Right - Mia and father Savvas Couvaras. They're here from South Africa on their annual ithacan stay in Exoghi. This year, it's only for 1 month as Mia is in her second last year of high school so she needs to return home for further intensive study.
Left - Poppi, little Georgie, Jerome, Aleka and Exoghi neighbour, Dionisia, getting ready for a Frikes night out. This family is here from Athens and staying in Exoghi.
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Sun 15 July - Over the past week more and more people have arrived on the island. There's a noticeable difference in traffic, people in the village centers and on and around the beaches of Ithaca. 3 or so Day Tripper ferries come into Kioni Bay each day and another in Frikes, not to mention the countless Day Trippers docking in the capital of Ithaki, Vathy. It's the time of the year where people forget that roads are used for driving on, and not wandering aimlessly without looking, the time where many driving cars, drive on the wrong side of the road, either for fear of falling over the cliff or out of habit. Couples on mopeds teeter dangerously close to tipping over as they weave out of control along the roads, camper vans fall out of the ferry hull only to discover their loads are wider than the roads and accidental or 'last minute' visitors scramble to find a room with view.
Right - Bus tours squeeze their sightseeing cargo between roadside and building, backing up traffic behind them and casting big shadows over the sunny side of the street.
Mon 16 July - Below - Frikes is never busier in the morning than when the ferry from Lefkada comes in. It's mayhem. The narrow road leading out and in from the village can barely cope with the influx of cars, trucks and tourists either coming or leaving the island. It's a great time in Frikes, lots of colour and movement so reminiscent of high summer on ithaca.
Above Left - A camper van straight off the evening ferry from Lefkada, squeezes through Frikes main street. Above right - Anastasia, Keith and Maria Anderson are here for 10 days from Johannesburg South Africa. Anastasia (Mavrikis) has roots in Anoghi, Athens and some distant ones too, in Bavaria. She is here with her husband, who isn't Greek, but is definitely Scot, and daughter Maria who is blessed with a little of everything. It was 15 years ago when the Andersons first came to Ithaca.

Left - Stanley, aka Champion, is a regular visitor to the island. Let's just say he brings music into the lives of Ithacans. He's a Nigerian living in Athens for the past 7 years, but his work takes him to many villages and islands around Greece. He admits that Ithaca is too slow and quiet for him, having been raised in Nigeria, he tends to stick close to wild and noisy cities like Athens where he has a community of friends, also from Nigeria, and where the sound of life is deafening, just the way he likes it.

Wed 18 July - Above - These gorgeous Ithacan/Aussie kids belong to the Softis and Kominos Clan below Left - Eleni (born on Ithaki, but living in Newcastle, Maria, Panoyioti S, Panoyioti K, Jeremy, Judy and Aspasia. This big group is here from Newcastle and Sydney in Australia but have their roots deeply planted in Lefki.
Right - Derek Dingemans is here from the Netherlands. He's been visiting Ithaca for quite some time and looks pretty happy to be back again this year.
Left - Eleni with mother Aspasia and daughter Emilia, is here from Newcastle visiting family and friends. She left Ithaca to live in Australia with her husband Panoyioti, but there is too much of Ithaki still left in Eleni to forget about her birthplace. When she's not on the island in person, she logs into the website to keep in touch with all that's happening on Ithaki.
Right - Anna-Maria is here from Melbourne Australia, but has her roots in Stavros. Her last visit to the island was in 1992 when she was just a skip of a girl. It's been a long break between trips. Anna-Maria is one of the writers in the Poetry and Writings section of the website, where she submitted a poem about Ithaki.
This Summer on Ithaca, there seems to be record amount of Australians on a visit. The last time the Australians out-numbered the South Africans and Americans was 1992.
Who's Here 2007
Above - Nice to see the British haven't been completely overshadowed by the many Australians on the island this year. Simon, Jospeh and Pauline Robbins are on ithaca from London and staying in Vathy for the 3rd year in a row. The Robbins family have fallen in love with Ithaca, the reason they end up here each year when they could choose any destination for their holiday. We caught up with them after a swim at Dexa Beach, while on an afternoon trip to the villages.
Fri 20 July - Above - Giovanna and Spero and Liz Davias from Newcastle Australia. This 3-some has just been through Italy where Giovanna acquainted Spero and Liz with her Ischia and Roman roots before coming to Ithaca to see the island through the eyes, memories and impressions of Spero, who has his roots in Lefki and visits Ithaki regularly. Liz has her roots in Kiato, a village near Corinth. On Ithaki, they are staying in Stavros in the same room at Porto Thiaki Hotel which they always stay in, and have coffee at Margarita Cafe, where their ithacan friends Maki and Maria, make them feel all so welcome.
Sat 21 July - Above - Nelleke and Nico from the Netherlands and Lefki (kind sponsors of ithacagreece) with their friends Savvas and Marina from South Africa, enjoy a warm night with dinner in Platrithias. Right - Marco and Illiana are here from Melbourne Australia, gearing up for their big wedding day on Ithaca. Illiana has been holidaying on Ithaca since childhood and in her adulthood, introduced Marco to her Ithacan passion.
Yia Sou Maria. Above - Angela and Illias Vasilopoulos (far left and back) take their Australian friends, Christina and Fotis Bouras, and Peter Razos, to the Kioni Panighiri. We caught up with them bayside at the Mentor cafe, enjoying the Panighiri from a distance.

Below - Zoe and her family are back again this year. Since leaving South Africa to relocate to Athens, Zoe comes to Ithaca annually.

Ithac a in Sum mer 2007
Sun 22 July - Matt was here. Yes, he sure was. He and his brother Brandon came to Ithaca for the first time this June and
had an absolute ball. We didn't get them on the site while they were here, so Matt sent us a couple of photos with a drawing of his dog and himself as a 'card shark' on Ithaca. The Levy boys came all the way from Capetown with their mum, Jackie and her partner Kevin, and promise to return often. Let's hope so, because I could use a few lessons in playing cards. The only game I'm good at is Snap. We have it on good authority that Matt and his brother Brandon, charmed everyone they came in contact with and had a great summer holiday on Ithaca. Thanks Matt. See you next time!

Mon 23 July - Far Left - Gerry Vasilopoulos from Melbourne, has been traveling around Europe on his own instead of with a travel partner this year, something he has been wanting to do for some time. Over the past few years, he has also been a regular visitor to Ithaca, where he has many relatives in the Stavros area, one of which is our very own, Nektarios from Rementzo.

Left - Alexander Vlassopoulos just got off the boat after a long trip from Melbourne Australia. He's ready to chill and settle in for an extended stay, and will be joined by his younger brother Costa later this week and his mother, Anna, who hasn't been to Ithaki since 2002, in August. If you're a regular to Polis Beach, chances are that you will see Alexander there making shade with Lucky the umbrella man.

Below - Hermann, a Airline Steward from London and Julian, fashion designer from Paris, but also part-time resident in Italy Germany and Turkey, are now passionately connected to Ithaki. They were here in March, June and now July with another visit planned for mid August. There is also talk they will be spending Christmas on the island. Their spark for the island was ignited by one small boat trip into Kioni a few years ago. They only docked for a few hours, but those hours, changed their lives.










Thu 26 July - Above - Nibbles Jnr and Nibbles Sen. go to Frikes for a nibble in the middle of a power-out. Hugh and dad, David (a recently arrived resident of Exoghi) enjoy a little father/son humour. Hugh has 3 weeks on Ithaki before he returns home to the UK.
Below - Costas Vlassopoulos is here again from Australia. Seems once bitten, forever hooked on Ithaca. He's been a regular summer visitor over the past few years.
Sat 28 July - Left - Mike and Trish turned a little shack into a home in Kioni a few years ago and since then, come to ithaca any chance they get. This time they didn't want to leave, well not so quickly anyway, so they extended their stay. As a means of celebration they treated themselves to a full English breakfast in Frikes, at the Fiorendino Bar.
Right - Pirates in town? It's been awhile since Ithaca has seen the skull and cross-bone hitched on the mast.

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