What's Happening on Ithaki 2007
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Who's Here - Summer Lodown 2007
All the faces of summer on Ithaca. Visitors, ex-pats, the curious, the accidental, the transitory, the adventurers, the sailors, the backpackers, the walkers, the runners, the swimmers, the honeymooners, the retirees, the artists, the poets, the beautiful and the ugly. Faces from all over the world come to this small island and can end up on who's here for the world to see.
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Tue 31 July - Above - Anita, a regular Summer visitor from South Africa, with Ithacan roots in Anoghi, this year, wanted to share the island with her friend Tiago. She's hoping he'll get the Ithacan bug as she has. No reason to suffer alone.
Wed 1 Aug - Below - Kiron, Morgan and Moriah Mariah (Below Right) was a Vathy local until the age of 7 when she went to live with her uncle Will, aunt Holly, and cousins Kieron and Morgan in Toronto Canada. These three have their roots in Kioni where they have a family home overlooking the bay.
Above - Holly and Will Gonidis are here from Canada. Will who has his roots in Kioni, has been back to Ithaca a few times since 1983 when he and Holly made their first visit to the island, but Holly hasn't been back since then. For Holly the changes made to the island in the past 24 years have been impressive. For her, this sleepy little island has exploded out of its isolation. To share a little secret with you. I met Will and Holly back then in 1983 on my very first visit to Ithaca. We became good friends in the months we spent together and last night was the first time I had seen them since those simply days back then.
Above - Melbourne Australian boy Peter Razos, is back on Ithaki again this year. He has his roots in Ag. Ioannis where he restoring his family home, and seems to have fans all over the island. People just won't leave him alone. The burden a popular man has to carry.
Thu 2 Aug - Below - Vathy town is absolutely buzzing with activity these past days. With a record number of yachts sailing in and the regular Day Trippers dropping in for a quick
Right - Akis Kaimakamis, building the Kaimakamis empire, and wife Mel, are also on Ithaca from Melbourne Australia. They were married this past April, but decided to wait for the European Summer for their honeymoon. Joining them on Ithaca, not on their honeymoon are 1st cousins and twins, Peter and Nikita, also from Melbourne. They along with Mel, stem from the Raftopoulos family of Exoghi. Peter and NIkita have never been to Ithaca before, but this trip they have been bitten by the bug. Akis roots are from Katerini in northern Greece.
swim and 'look around', the streets are filled with movement and colour, just the way we expect them to be this time of year.
Above - Sonya packs herself and her 3 children into car several times a year and drives from Switzerland to Ithaca to be with her extended and distant family and friends in Kioni. She's one of those people who is always thrilled and amazed by everything and always finds a reason to be happy.
Sat 4 Aug - Right - Nadia has been on Ithaca for the past 3 weeks. She has been a regular visitor to the island from South Africa since her early years. Her family home is in Platrithia where she has been spending time with her parents. Tomorrow Nadia awaits the arrival of her husband, Ryan, to join her for a few weeks holiday together. Nadia and Ryan were married last year, you can see their pics in Summer specials 2006.
Sun 5 Aug - Above Right - Costa is here from Dayton Ohio USA. He and cousin Niko Douglas (President of Frikes) talk over familiar times together. Costa has been living in the USA since 1987 but still has his roots firmly planted on Ithaki. Above Middle - Spiro and Lee live in Athens, but come to Ithaca annually. They've found a new lease on life over the past year and have decided to go into business together, and why not, Spiros is an architect and Lee an Interior Designer, just the recipe to make beautiful homes together. Above Right - Julia and Niko are here from Athens. If you recognize Julias face it's probably because you've been into her gift shop in Frikes. She's been on Ithaca a few months already, but Niko, her husband, also brother of Nektarios from Rementzo, has just got off the boat. His busy work schedule can now finally be interrupted with annual holiday leave, giving him not only the opportunity to catch up with his wife, but also with his daughter, Anastasia.
Mon 6 Aug - Above Left - Marina Sikiotis is another regular to Ithaki in Summer. Her roots are in Stavros, but her home is in Newcastle Australia. Above Right - Karsten and Petra have had a difficult winter, but Ithaki has them both smiling again. They have had their Summer home on the island for many, many years.
Right - Matt and Gemma with their 3 children, Alex, Erin and Luke, are on . Matt is a teacher and Irish born Gemma is a temporarily (pseudo) retired dren to raise and balancing pocket money is obviously work enough for now.
Ithaca for the first time from Boston Lincolnshire UK. .chartered accountant. It's a full time job having 3 chil-
Wed 8 Aug - Anastasia and her 2 daughters Tyler 9 and Sofia 5, are here on a long holiday from Manhattan in New York. Anastasias relationship to Ithaca is through her husband Spiros Lecatsas from the Lahos Lekatsas, who is back in NY for work. Her Greek roots are from northern Greece, but she has adopted Ithaca as her place of choice to holiday. Tyler has been to Ithaca 3 times and Sofia twice. They love the freedom, the swimming and are slowly beginning to come to terms with the nature of the island, something a little foreign to them coming from the concrete and highrise of the Big Apple (more like an apple core now with so many bites taken out of it)
Old Friends re-unite
Left - Leah and Penny are old friends who meet up in Frikes. Leah is here from Melbourne Australia and Penny is visiting her parents from Athens. Penny was raised and schooled in Australia.
Right - Sam and Gerry from Australia, Brandon from South Africa and Panoyioti from Athens. You don't have to be Einstein to see that these boys are up to no
Thu 9 Aug - Above Right - Nick Raftopoulos with cheeky buddy Peter Razos are both here from Melbourne Australia. Nice boy Nick may be somewhat adversely influenced by naughty Pete, but maybe Nick can get him to see the light of virtue.
Who's Here 2007
good. There's more than a little black book on their mobile phones. Over the past couple of years, Kikis Mini Market seems to be the preferred hang-out for the ex-pats to meet up and get wild. "Junior - Behave yourself"
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