People coming to Ithaki 2007
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Who's Here - Summer Lodown 2007
All the faces of summer on Ithaca. Visitors, ex-pats, the curious, the accidental, the transitory, the adventurers, the sailors, the backpackers, the walkers, the runners, the swimmers, the honeymooners, the retirees, the artists, the poets, the beautiful and the ugly. Faces from all over the world come to this small island and can end up on who's here for the world to see.
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Wed 21 Aug cont - This traveling Wicker Basket salesman, parked in the bay area of Frikes, does a little house cleaning. What a good guest. Now lets hope the cliff side doesn't crumble around his ears while he is asleep.
Wed 22 Aug - Left - Jackie Morris is no stranger to Ithaca. This year, she and her sister are fortunate enough to be staying on their own in Frikes while father Phillip, wife Stella and brother Anthony sail from port to port around the Ionian. She likes hanging out at Fiorendino Bar and when the opportunity arises for a worthwhile boat trip, she hops aboard to see the sights. Today she's off to Meganissi.
Ithacans with the wanderlust of Odyssea
Left - Anastasia Patriciou is here from London, visiting friends and family on Ithaca. Her family roots stem from Stavros, but she was raised in South Africa. For many years Anastasia lived and worked in Greece, relocating to the UK quite a few years back where she made a dramatic career change from architect to psycho-analyst.
Thu 23 Aug - Above - Andonia Lekatsa (left) is a walking encyclopedia on Exoghi. Whatever you want or need to know, this is the woman to ask. She was born in the village, but now lives in Patras for the winter where she has 2 sons and 2 grandchildren. We caught up with her talking to her neighbour Maria.
Fri 24 Aug - Left - George Morfessis, the founder guru of Ithaki online through the NY USA connection, is here with his family - wife Effi, daughter Stella and son Victor. They come to Ithaca from New York as often as a family of 4 will allow them. George was the first person to show Ithaca to the world through his now defunct, which was initiated through the Ithacan Society in New York. Before Summer Lodown and, George gave whatever he could muster to the Ithaki addicted around the world. His site, was for many years, the only place one could get a glimpse of the island when it was too far away to see in person. Effi is a Nafpaktos native and although she loves Ithaca too, her emotional strings are securely tied to this bayside town on the mainland where her parents still live each Summer. A Greece holiday for the Morfessis family is thus split into 2 - Nafpaktos/Ithaki. Stella and Victor look like they're just happy to be in Greece generally, taking a bite out of a fig instead of a big apple.
Right - Also from New York USA are Kathy (Tzomou) and Petros Grivas, Just married last year. Kathy and Petro met in New York, but their parents grew up together on Ithaca. Kathys roots are in Vathy and Petros' in Perahori. We caught up with them in Frikes having dinner with friends and Kathys' grandparents, Katerina and Giorgos Tzomos, who still live in Vathy. Kathy and Petro are just a couple of the dedicated who log onto on a regular basis. It's great to see the faces behind the ip address and to meet the people who make this site worth doing.
Left - John and Leonie are here from the UK. They are having a good look around Greece and some of the previous Eastern block states, looking for a piece of paradise. We caught up with them after a meal in Frikes and conversations with an ex-UK bank manager who is now serving up watermelon for dessert at one of the restaurants instead of approving loans.
Sun 26 Aug -Below- Mina and Christo from Patras come to Ithaki each year for their Summer holiday, but this year they decided to enhance their holiday by getting married as well. Their wedding was held at the wonderful church in Anoghi, where invited guests and family witnessed the ceremony performed by Kionis' Papas Babbis. There were plenty of wet brows, not from nervousness, but from another heatwave Ithaki is currently enduring.
Tue 28 Aug - Above - Sue and Dennis Comino are here from Brisbane Australia and staying in the mountain village of Anoghi where Sues family have their Ithacan roots. Sue is the twin sister of Dennis Katsamas who is currently President of the Ithacan Philanthropic Society of Melbourne Australia, and has for years also been the resident photographer for IPS. Below - Melanie is on Ithaki from Sydney Australia. Her only connection to the island are the friendships she made on her last visit when she fell in love with the place.
Above - This family have the infamous surname, Metaxas. L - R - Gino, Mary, Marguerite and Evangeline are regular visitors to Ithaca, coming every 2 - 3 years. Gino was actually born in Vathy and left the island with his parents when he was only 1 year old. Ithaca pulls at his heart strings when he is away, so returns as much as he is able with a young family to consider . Marys' roots stem from Crete and Kastoria. The Metaxas family are also regular visitors of so it's only fitting that their 2007 trip is recorded on the site for prosperity.
Above - L - R - Roula, Dimitri and mum Olga (Rossolymos) Chassoulas are on Ithaki from Johannesburg South Africa. Olga is the daughter of Dimitrios Rossolymos and Argiro Koutsouvelis, and is a 3rd generation Ithacan living in SA. Roula, Dimitri and Olga proudly proclaim their Anoghi roots.
Fri 31 Aug - Left - Spyridoula is here from Melbourne Australia. She lands on Ithakis shores most Summers and stays at her Patriko house at Parata, between Stavros and Frikes. If you knew her age you just wouldn't believe it, but with her regular exercise and her love of the outdoors, it's no wonder she remains so youthful and physically fit.
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