Rain, cold and a little snow on Ithaca in Greece. All the news of Winter on Ithaca 2007
Winter on Ithaca 2006 - 2007
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Mon 12 Feb - Right and below right - A little chapel hidden among scrub and pine trees on Ithaki. The location is a secret for now as there are some on the island that have taken it upon themselves to steal stones from the old houses to put into their new houses.
Sun 11 Feb - The best place to be on a cold and drizzly day is usually at home, but not today. The Stavros Childrens' Carnival made getting wet worth the discomfort. Click here or on photograph left for more.
This chapel will be restored by some of the good people on Ithaki.
Fri 16 Feb - Right - Last night Mylos Creperie in Vathy had its annual Carnival Party. As usual, the wacky, chatty, witty and flitty came to strut their stuff, adorned in Carnival paraphernalia, wigs, breasts and eye liner, and that's just the boys. To see what the women got up to, Click here or on Photograph right.
Above - The pyramids of Exoghi
Sat 17 Feb - A great weather day today. Sunny, warmish and clear views. It's also building season which means noise from the early hours on.
Above - Clear views across to Lefkada
Sun 18 Feb - Last night the Ithaki Theatre Group threw their BIG Carnival Party at the Mentor Hotel. Giant Fun. Everyone who's anyone was there, dressed to tease, dressed to please. Click here or on photo left for all the action. Make sure you have Flash player enabled or you'll miss the best bits.
Blue skies today. The Carnival organizers will be breathing out relief with the Street Party in Vathy starting at 3pm.
Right - Vathy Carnival. Colour, music and performance today at the Vathy Carnival. A great time for all the family with fine weather and the community in good spirits. Click here or on photograph right for more rainbow pics.
Mon 19 Feb - Kathara Deftera - Clean Monday. The day started grey and ended that way, but for those attending and persevering with the cold and fog of Kathara Deftera in Anoghi, a great traditional Monday bloomed from what many dismissed as a day to stay at home. There wasn't a spot of sun or any wind to fly a kite, but there was plenty of food and good cheer to go around. Click here or on photograph below, for more pics.
Right - Leaflet pinned on a timber pole in the Anoghi Cafenion. It says ' Distant cousins. Coming... (wonder how the chimp feels about this.)
A chilly and grey day today. Looks like winter on Ithaca has finally arrived, albeit almost 2 months late. Maybe we'll get some snow on the peaks soon, which will be nice... as long as we have electricity. Another way to tell it's winter without looking outside is to connect online. If the connection
stalls or you can't connect at all, if the phone works and then cuts out in the middle of a conversation, well, you know it's winter then. Ote phone lines go on holiday this time of year. The south island seems to have the most stable connections, but in the north, you can barely call it a connection, some days you'd have better luck with a tin can and string.
Right - Looking down onto Pilikata


Wed 21 Feb - Left - Rob and Nita are regular visitors to Ithaki. They come to the island at all times of the year, even in the winter, and are here from the UK. We caught up with them yesterday while shopping for groceries in Vathy, looking relaxed and in their element.

Sat 24 Feb - Rumour has it that the favourite beach of many who stay around Vathy, Filiatro beach, with its make-shift cantina, occasional campers and browning bodies strewn across the pebbles each summer, may soon be changing its face. If the rumours are correct, for better or for worse, there may be a hotel there in the future. Some around Vathy are taking the rumour seriously and seeking more information. They want to keep the beach the way it is, a beach for all.

Photographs Below - not Filiatro, not even Ithaki, but Cephalonia on the far side toward Fiscardo. Occasional dramatic landscape on a daytrip. Everyone who's anyone from Ithaki was seen pushing the shopping trolley through the Entry doors at Lidls supermarket just outside Argostoli. The place to bargain buy and stock up. The trip wouldn't be so bad if you didn't have to get up so early to catch the 7am ferry across. By the time you return, you can barely keep your eyes open from exhaustion. A 9am ferry would be great, but alas it's winter, so Ithaca is lucky to have a ferry at all. If it wasn't for Cephalonia, Ithaca might well have suffered the fate of other small islands in the Aegean that have a ferry service once a week, but with the sister island right next door, one of the biggest islands in Greece, we can piggy back a ferry ride twice a day.

As we approach the end of February, usually the coldest month, Ithaca is still waiting for winter to arrive. It's overcast today, but mild, too mild for this time of year. Where's the rain, where's the snow on top of Anoghi, where's the comfort of rugging up and sitting in front of a roaring fire...

The 2 cute puppies found by Lilia and Mark from Perahori a little while ago, have now found a home with one of Vathys' local butchers. Apparently the pups are starting a career as watch dogs.

Above - Vathy

Sun 25 Feb - A great weather day today, but everyones' feeling the worry of a planet going wrong, so it bitters the taste of this mild weather quite a bit.

Ithaki Cats - Argos Foundation news. With the Vet due on the island in March, the organizers would like you to know that owners of cats and dogs will have the opportunity for their pets to be neutered this time. Most importantly however, you will need to make an appointment, as neutering dogs is a little more time consuming.

To make an appointment or for more info, please call - 26740 31610 or Mob - 6977 529 258.

Dates -


Ithaki Cats - If you have a pet, take advantage of this opportunity.

Prices -

Female Cats - 10 euro
Stavros - 12 and 13 March
Male cats - 15 euro
Kioni - 14 and 15 March
Female dogs - 45 euro
Vathy - 16 and 17 March
Male dogs - 20 euro
To read about Ithaki Cats in Greek, click here.
Tue 27 Feb - Pic Right - Ok, who thought this was funny?
Thought we'd go for a walk to Ag. Illia church outside of Kioni, behind the hill. Want to come? Ok, let's go. Click here or on photograph left.
Above - Perahori looking toward Skinos (L) and Filiatro (R). Yesterday started off with the skies over Ithaki looking very black, by midday there was enough sunshine to warm the cement and then in the early evening, thunder started to roar and explode in the heavens, by 10pm it was pouring and today, Tuesday 3pm, it's fining up again. Each time the power went off after a lightning strike, there was a breath of relief to hear it starting up again. The on again off again power supply reeks havoc with appliances however. Who knows how many tvs, dvds, washing machines, stereos don't work today or have had their life-span shortened after yesterdays fireworks.
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