Ithaki winter in Greece in 2007. From October to end of April, find out what's happening on the island of Ithaca.
  Winter on Ithaca 2006 - 2007
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Approaching another type of season.
Sun 18 Mar - Another mild day today with a top of 20C, and in Kioni left, the day was reminiscent of early Season days. It's been quite awhile since this bayside village has seen this much action. Even the dogs were getting frisky. Spavento Sundays seem to bring the locals out in force to catch up with everyone, have a coffee, have a chat. Mums bring their kids for a chocolate croissant and kids bring their mums for a morning at the local park. Spavento seems to be the only place to meet in Kioni over winter with village restaurants and other bars shut until at least Easter. Luckily there is Frikes, where Fiorentinos Bar and Piperato Restaurant are open every night. In Stavros, the northern center of Ithaki, you can always get fed at Fatouros, Petra and Yiannis Taverna, and for drinks and sweets at Soris Way and Margarita Cafe.
The weather forecast predicts that rain, storms and cooler temps will be heading our way around Wednesday. One can only hope. It wouldn't be bad just for a brief taste of winter this year.
While the weather has been good to us, DEH, our electrical co. has been busy with intermittent power-cuts. Over the past couple of days we had warning, but today, the power going on and off, on and off is really pushing the envelope in regard to the welfare of Ithakis electrical appliances. Continuous sudden surges and deathly dips before and after each cut have done in my stereo today, made the dvd gurgle and my pc grind hard. Bugger... oh and then there's OTE. Paid for 40 calls to get online without getting in. Here goes 41
Photo right - Opening the window to the world outside via the humble newspaper, is Nikos Karantzis from Vathy, and of course from the Mylos Creperie and from The Chappries Band and the lucky guy getting married soon to his long time girlfriend, Viki. Congratulations!!!
Wed 21 Mar - Left - Yes folks, that's rain on the windscreen. We've had better downpours, but whatever water falls from the sky this year, is a blessing. Storms and high winds have also thrown the island into a Spring chill with everyone putting on their coats again after a week of 21 - 22 degrees.
Thu 22 Mar - Ithaki Cats (Argos Foundations second neutering project was a great success. 71 cats and 10 dogs were neutered and about a dozen pets were treated for various infections, from running noses to broken bones. Ithaki Cats now has to get the funds together to organize its 3rd neutering project for the coming autumn, so donations are welcome at Ithaki Cats/Argos Foundation meeting will be held this Saturday 24 march at 11am at Rementzo Restaurant in Frikes. Drop in to take part, become a member or give a donation so that the next Vets visit can as successful as this past one.

Ithaki Cats Crew, left to right: Angela, Stephanie, Vicky, Jeanine, Kim, Luuk, Ester, Rien, Tanja, Britta. Front: Yolande.


Today has been one of the coldest days all winter. Only 14C. Much needed rain and a very chilly wind is keeping most locals indoors today. Just in time for Spring, we get Winter. Who's in charge of the weather these days? A seasonal dyslexic?

Seems like the ugly side of life is catching up with Ithaki this year with another break-in reported this morning in Exoghi. There have been too many break-ins over the past months, making this already very small island feel even smaller. Luckily, and thanks to the vigilant Ithaki police, the culprits of the previous break-ins have been apprehended. Nosey neighbours do come in handy.


Above - Vathy. Above right and right - Perahori. Below - view to Lefkada from Stavros. Chilly and rainy day today. Black clouds wherever you cast your eye. Stray patches of sun occasionally break through the gloomy sky, but not for long, and only before another sudden downpour. Although the cold snap has caught Ithaki by surprise, everyone is relieved that it's raining. There won't be many more opportunities now before Summer.
Fri mar 23rd
Sat 24 Mar - The day started with sun shining, but by midday, rain and storms passed over the island again. This is normal for Spring, so everyone seems to be happy about it. Winter views on Ithaca can sometimes be more beautiful than summer views, firstly, the horizon is clearer, even in a storm, and secondly there is just something magical about weather gloom. Occasionally there is also a blip in the view, a ugly statement, like the quarry on the road to Anoghi from Stavros. It seems to get bigger overnight, and uglier. The quarry suffocates the mountain side around it with thick dust and cement which travels quite a way with a wind.
Could there be a solution good for the owner and for the health of the island?

Mon 26 Mar - Right - Independence Day Celebration and Parade in Stavros. Click here or on Photo Right. The northern Ithacan community had a momentus morning. It was a great 'pint size' parade, enjoyed by all who attended.

In other news, there was quite a bit of shake rattle and roll going on with an earth tremor of 5.9 and aftershocks, yesterday afternoon. Center Fiscardo.

Thu 29 Mar - Can you believe we're nearly at the end of March already? Unbelievable! Photo left is proof. A yacht sails into Vathy. It's the first and it's big. Soon there will be dozens anchoring in Ithakis' ports. April and May will bring private yachters from all over to sail around the Ionian, and a favourite port of call is of course, Ithaca.
Argos, Ithaki Cats have asked me to mention that now that the Foundation is legal, with tax file number and everything, it is time to vote in the committee which will represent the Foundation. Voting takes place on Tuesday 3rd April at the Cinema in Vathy. Time - 20.30. Members of the Foundation are asked to cast their vote. Non members can become members and vote also.
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