Spring on Ithaca 2007. Winter things to do. What to do when you can't go to the beach on Ithaki Island.
Winter on Ithaca 2006 - 2007
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Fri 30 Mar - The day started off sunny and hopeful, but by mid afternoon, storms ripped across Ithaca, sounding like all hell was breaking loose, and it was...
Rain falls over Platrithia
Sat 31 Mar - Visitors start to make their way to Ithaki for Easter. Above - Uli and Werner in Frikes.
The Last Day of March is spectacular. What a surprise after yesterdays storms and rain. To see more pics of this gorgeous day on Ithaca, click here or on photograph left.
Mon 2 Apr - Above - In the middle of nowhere, stands the recently restored Chani (Hani) Cafe. The place Ithacans go to feel like they're on holiday somewhere else. Hani Cafe has great views towards Vathy and toward Cephalonia.
Left - ithacagreece.com is indebted to the dedicated and loyal supporters of the web site and lovers of Ithaca. Their letters, input and donations are invaluable. Lesa Carnegie is one such supporter, so by way of a big 'Thank You' for her untiring support, this Special is for her. Click here or on photo left for more.
Below - Frikes has been quiet since Rementzo closed its door for the winter. Last night it re-opened with new paint and new energy.
Above - This long table should be called a bridge, seating Australians, Austrians, Brits, French, Greeks, Dutch and a couple of double nationalities, all sharing in Ithaki.
Left - Rementzo Restaurant even attracted owners of Avra restaurant from Kioni. L - R - Asimina, Pano and Costa. This family deserves to sit back to let someone else do the cooking for a change. Avra restaurant in Kioni, one of the favourite restaurants there, will be filled to the rafters soon enough, not giving anyone any time to relax. Once the season starts they'll be on their feet until October without a break. Eat, drink and be merry for tomorrow...
Tue 3 Apr - Yesterday Vathy was absolutely brimming with activity. Pension Day as well the the usual weekly Monday morning mayhem, brought everyone out. The Bank was full, the Cafes were full, traffic jams, noise, new faces, old faces, Easter faces... So much to do, so little time.
The winter lull is over. With Easter, begins a new phase on Ithaca. Ready, set, go.

Wed 4 Apr - A strange weather day again yesterday, grey and misty one minute, sunshine the next. The skies gave way to some eerie light. Frikes, dead to the world over the past months, is waking up again, this year with a bang. It's early April and there's life in the streets and hope in the air, although the village is still a way off making itself pretty for the Summer season, except for Fiorendino Bar which has gone all out to make a good impression its first year under new management. Isalos, the little stone Cafe and Bar next to the old Bemenis (new Fiorendino) will also be under new management this year with Jessica and Spilios. Regular visitors to Ithaca will remember Jessica from Spavento Bar in Kioni, where she worked for many years. Jessica has some great surprises in store for locals and visitors passing through Frikes. More to come soon. Many people in the north island have watched Jessica grow up over the years and wish her well.

Thu 5 Apr - On Tuesday night, the Argos foundation elected their committee. Click here or on photo left for some pics and stuff.
Yesterday it rained pretty much all day. Gloomy skies, chilly breezes. Nice... as long as it doesn't last through Easter. Too many lambs awaiting the Spit at risk. Locals are keeping their fingers crossed for sunshine on Easter Sunday. There's a long meat Fast ready to break and no one here will be responsible if the break is broken due to rain.
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